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Etiquettes in the virtual world (Internet)

June 06, 2012  by: Sarika  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 729

This article sheds light on people’s behavior on internet and explains about some of the internet manners which should be followed to make surfing a comfortable and happy experience for everyone.


Etiquettes in the virtual world (Internet)

The term etiquette is derived from the French language which means a code of behavior or conduct that usually defines the person’s personality, politeness and refinement. In real world these are considered as social laws which are formulated by the society and should be followed in order to maintain cordial and comfortable environment in the society.

Internet is a virtual world with virtual society. Every society needs to have a code of conduct to maintain law and order and to create a comfortable, safe and secure environment for the people. The need for netiquettes is ever increasing and has become a real challenge in recent years. It is surprising to notice that sometimes people who are well educated, socially respected and well-mannered in the real world behave in a completely unacceptable manner on internet. Incidents of frauds, cheatings, hacking and other such anti-social activities on internet had a very devastating effect on some lives. These occurrences have awakened the need to put forward some very strict rules and laws to control the improper behavior on internet. Just like in real world society, the internet society also has some etiquettes. Some of these netiquettes are:

No foul language:

Language is one of the greatest gift mankind has then why to waste it and use it as a weapon to destroy and not to build. Uttering bad words and abusing people has never solved anything. In society abusing and using foul language is one the biggest reason of most of the brawls and fights. However on internet one can engage only in a fight of words and there is actually no physical harm and that is one of reason why people feel more freedom to use foul language on net. Engaging in abusive talks might not cause a physical harm in a virtual world but the amount of psychological harm done is unaccountable.

No Harassment:

Internet is one platform on which it is very easy to get harassed without being able to identify your offender. The most attractive feature of internet is anonymity. People have innumerous possibilities to use fake names and create multiple identities and pose as anything or anyone they like. This might be adventurous and interesting for some people who intend to trouble others for their own enjoyment or other specific purposes. Harassment can be of social, emotional, mental or sexual nature. Generally the victims are left surprised, shocked and lost as they do not know who is harassing them and they feel incapable as they cannot take any action against the culprit.

No Immoral demands:

People who spend a lot of time on internet are well aware of this situation. Most of the time people make new acquaintances and develop a feeling that they have gained new virtual friends. These virtual friends try to talk nicely and friendly and in some time start to make immoral demands. Most common among these demands are demand of money and sexual favors. Internet is also used to deal with loneliness and people are always searching for partners who can spend hours with them and chat. These people do not care about the well-being of others, their families or jobs but are obsessed with spending time with a virtual person. Children and youngsters are highly susceptible to such attacks. These are psychic people who demand a lot of your time, energy and health and in time can cause trouble in your personal and social life.

No Frauds or Misguidance:

Because everything is virtual so it makes it very easy to misguide people and give them wrong information without any real consequences. Many websites sell their low quality products by providing high quality sophisticated information about them and telling about those advantages which do not exist in reality. It is very common for hotels to give false information about their boarding and lodging facilities to attract tourists and then charge them a lot of money. Internet is full of such stories of misguidance and fraud which takes the culprit nowhere. It is not hard to be honest and helpful and is definitely better than being a cheat.

No Threats:

There are a number of reports of people being threatened on internet for money or for life. Women most commonly are exploited by being threatened with distribution of their dirty pictures and clips. It is a real social and psychological stress coming from a virtual world. So called virtual friends get access to the emotional and personal information of a person and then start to make demands. When these demands are not met the friends become enemies and start to threaten. Such threats coming from a virtual person through a monitor screen are very frustrating and lands one in a handicapped situation where nothing can be done except to shut down the computer, to log off from that chatting program or to ban that person and then never talk with him or her again.

No Hacking and using the personal information:

Hacking is the most common of internet crimes in which a person using one computer machine gets access to the computer machine of someone else by using a computer program and steals all the personal information of the user. Hacking is done for a variety of reasons and is a real pain in the neck these days. There are reports of the bank accounts which went completely empty because the hacker got his hands on the passwords or security information of the bank account holder. Though crimes committed on internet are punishable by law but in most cases it is difficult to identify the offender and thus the criminals have an easy escape.

No Spreading of rumors and dirty clips:

Gossip mongers and porn searchers are very active on internet. This is a platform with easy access to this type of information and makes it very attractive. People also use internet to spread rumors about certain things or certain people and try to glamorize or defame them. Distribution of porn and other such immoral material is a very big business on internet. Teenagers and youngsters are main targets of these websites which not only fill the immature brain with immoral information but also at some point of time provoke them to commit real life crimes for example rape.

No Spying and controlling:

There are a lot of software programs available on internet which are used to control the activity of the computer user like key loggers, spying software, Trojans etc. To control the person is the main objective of these activities which later might be used to blackmail. Such software programs were designed to keep a check on the employees in an office setting or to control the children’s computer and internet access. However, later these programs were used for spying purposes in daily internet life. Difficulty in trusting is the root cause of this behavior.


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