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Classical Vs Pop Music

June 06, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 823

Music has even the power to heal. Classical or Pop, we have the audience for all. Because, after all its Music.


Music always creates a different mood in our mind. Modern medicine says that music has even the power of healing. There are different types of music. All music has its own audience. All the music doesn't have the same audience. the taste's are different. Music has a history as long as that of mankind.

Classical music is a traditional kind of music and its ever lasting in India. It has its own heritage to be held proud before the world. Though its a traditional music, we have a lot of audience for it. Even the new generation likes the classical music. Indian culture even believes that music has a part of God in it. We can see so many pop musics are releasing in market and they are also getting a huge audience, especially the youth. But can they remain in our mind for long? or really they touch our heart. That's a question put forward by the traditional or classical music lovers. But the thing is that music once created has its own place in its listener's heart.

Classical or Pop - We have audience

The acceptance of music also depends little on situation. So we can say all kind of music is good either its classical or Pop . we can even say that we don't need such classification to happen. It comes and stays in our heart forever. Music is created rather we can say that its born. Classical music has its own place that can never be replaced by anything in the mind of true music lovers. The healing power of music can't be drawn. It can even change the mood of people.But in case of classical music, they have the ability to stay in our mind.

Respecting our culture, we must know about the pop music, but we have to encourage our classical music rather than western music. But all is music still its created with that purity. Our culture relies strongly on the classical music. Today, youngsters don't know the value of our classical music, its feeling and power etc. Music has once prominence for its lyrics and meaning. But in today's fast world, music is just made with business target in mind. they are just setup rather than born. That's why only a few of those gets popularity in people's mind. Both these have their own unique place in mind of music lovers. Not only in India but in foreign also classical music is being listened with great acceptance. So it also depend little on situation and mood. So we can say all kind of music is good either its classical or Pop.

Music with a soul, remains in heart

Music always spread harmony and peace to our busy life. Even when a pop music comes in market, people hear it for sometime and they forget it. That's because they don't have the power to stay in mind. It depend on the choice of person what kind of taste he has in music. Music without a soul makes us bored when we hear it repeatedly. Also it is not that the pop music culture is growing and classical music culture is vanishing. But classical music's lyrics has good quality, with certain emotional feelings that can easily touch our heart and stays in it. So we can say all kind of music is good either its classical or Pop. Music always spread harmony and peace to our life. Classical music is the father of all kind of music in our tradition and its ever lasting at least in India. Music is not made, its born. If music has its soul, then it will always remain in the heart of people.

Author: Suny        
Posted Date: 06/17/2012    Points:2    

Music is my life but I mostly prefer to go for light music, mostly Gazals. Although classical and pop both are fine but I have not as much knowledge. Thanks anyway.

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