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Petrol price hike - Common man suffers

June 06, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Social  Earning $2.50   Views: 2223

Fuel prices are increasing frequently. Burdens comes to the shoulder of common man. What can we do? A close introspection.


We have seen a recent hike in petrol price. Fuel prices are becoming uncomfortable for the common people. We are responsible for rising petrol prices. Rupee is depreciating in value which in turn is making imports costly and thus making a hike in fuel price. Whatever is the reason, common people are suffering from this drastic situation which people can't bear. It does not matter how much petrol costs in other countries we are facing the problem and we have to find the solution ourselves use each and every non renewable resource in a planned manner because today we are facing the scarcity of petrol and tomorrow we may find scarcity of some other non renewable resource we are responsible for the hike in prices of petrol due to our actions. We are meant to control our usage. Its always said that prevention is better than cure.

Rather than blaming on others, we should also do our role. We should control on the usage of petrol, we have to change our thinking towards the use of the petrol considerably increase in prices of petrol largely affects on the trading and middle class family. Its not just petrol. The fuel price hike is affecting many factors of everyday life. We do not have abundant oil reserves like Arab countries. The government allow more private players to participate in exploration of oil reserves. Private parties are also helping the nation, though they also have a profit motive. Reliance is one of leading private companies who had found oil reserves in India with help of foreign companies. Reliance oil is costly because government provides subsidies only to public sector companies (ONGC, Indian oil etc ). Let competition in oil supply decide prices of oil. Monopoly always destroys quality. Competition will reduce the price. That's what we can expect.

Do what we can do

A change in our lifestyle can also brought a change. Do what we can do. A small step also matters. We all should inculcate a habit of not being dependent on scooter and motor bikes for reaching walking distances. OPEC, an international committee decide whether price will rise based on production of oil in the gulf countries. External factors also affects the fluctuation. But government should pay attention on the middle class, we cannot avoid them. Common people are the back bone of the economy. They should put extra tax on luxury items so that those who are getting large sum of money paid the compensation for hike in petrol price. But we should always think on the practical side of measures we are taking on it.

Hike in fuel price is like a chain reaction . Petrol price increase result in increase in bus fair, which increases price of grocery items. Government should think about all these things before taking such heinous steps. Though, the control is not completely on government now, there are something they can do. Also rethink why the power was given to the companies. Its always controversial . Some think that its the play of private business playing in the game. We have to take various steps to help our nation as well as our Indian Government by doing various program such as using Electric Vehicle instead of petrol vehicle this will help in reducing the usage of petrol and also help to environment.

Years to make, Hours to burn

Considering the petrol price among the fossil fuels as it is one of the main fuel affecting the day to day life. Petrol price hike could only be controlled if we minimize our dependency on petrol. People are using petrol it in an unlimited manner, that is the reason there is shortage of it. Its a fossil fuel which takes thousands of years to form . we should keep that in our mind. Due to this shortage, government is bound to increase the petrol prices. This could only be controlled if we try to change our ways. So oil companies are bound to increase the petrol prices. Keep in mind that diesel and gas prices haven't risen so much as have petrol prices, for the above-mentioned reasons.

OIL price rise in not only a Demand Vs Supply structure.

Price Hike =($Rates Increase per barrel*Foreign volume purchase)-(Gross Domestic consumtion+ Profits of the OIL companies+ Govt Tax etc)

Government is also making income from the fuel prices. They are also getting tax which is one of the main source of income for the government. As there is high tax on petrol the price of the petrol is increasing along with the tax on it. The government must must fix a tax on petrol irrespective of the increase in price of petrol. The main reasons for hike in fuel prices are, Rise in crude oil prices globally . We don't have a direct control on it. its based on international changes happening in many field including politics. This leads to an automatic increase in rise in petrol and diesel prices in India. Also the value of rupee is depreciating as compared to dollar. So if 1 dollar initially equaled 50 rupee, now it equals 56 rupees, so we have to pay more money for purchasing the same thing that earlier we got.

Man is not allowed to exploit the natural resource. We should also think about the future generation. Petrol is non renewable, it is one of the useful natural resources in our world after some years we can't see petrol. Dress, food and shelter are the basic needs of human being. But in this technology based era electricity, Oil are the additional basic needs. They cannot be avoided from our concern.

Our technologists are producing electricity successfully. But unfortunately still now neither they can find some alternate process for making nor suitable substitute for fuel with high efficiency. So the society should be very much serious about it. And our Govt should make people aware about it. There is lot a Government can do in a republic country.

The Role of Government

Our Government has always done many things which can be considered as a model. It is already proved that there is very less polio patient in India and its because of awareness and strong steps taken by Govt. As petrol is limited the price of this natural resources will increase day by day naturally and we can't stop it. Government doesn't gives subsidy to oil companies on petrol products as given to LPG, diesel and kerosene. Huge demand is one of the reason.

They have their own limitations and reasons. they may not be enough always. We are equally responsible for this and we should be the first one to find a solution for this problem also. We should change the thinking of others and our nation. In these way we can easily control over the hike in the petrol prices. Or at least get over with this price hike on such an essential commodity of modern world.

What can be the measures that can be taken by a ruling government. Government may be able to give more subsidies to oil companies and oil companies in return can reduce the petrol prices. Secondly, Government should encourage all individual to use public transport as much as possible which will reduce fuel consumption. As told by the govt companies in oil producing field that prices of crude oil are rising globally and they are already suffering huge amount of losses it may be wrong to blame these people. But we should double check these factors. Are they actually suffering a loss or exploiting the positive conditions in the international market.

Some factors which caused increase in fuel price:
>> Rise in crude oil prices internationally.
>> Depreciation of India Rupee against international currencies.
>>Frequent increase in fuel consumption.

To reduce the burden on common people:
>> Aware people to use Public transport instead of private vehicle.
>> Government should control the tax on petrol.
>> Measures should be taken to improve the value of Rupee against dollar.

Luxury. Do we need it. Because we also have some social responsibility towards the nation. High class society are looking for luxury vehicles and not thinking about its efficiency. As the population rises the usage of the things also rises. We can think of renewable source of energy, which can be used instead of fuel but it also true that use of different source would take innovation and innovation are time consuming factor but we can consider this. Further is that in India itself the price of fuel are higher and not in the neighboring nations. So always think about the fellow people around us. We are social beings. Don't ever forget it.

Whatever happens - Common man suffers

Tax on fuel price increases the burden on common people. Is our tax system the most effective? This changes has one option as the globally accepted new taxation system. This is used by major of the developed nation in order to reduce the burden on necessary products and have lesser burden on the common people. We should reduce the consumption and balance them for what is wasted. Now a days the charges of oils are very high because of the scarcity of oil resources. If we want to control the rates of oils as a responsible people we are supposed to follow some tips like saving the fuel whenever possible. Oil price change day to day and people are very upset this price. We need oil price should be down. Its time for using alternate methods for transport. Second options are always there. We are the one who need to take forward a better step. Because oil price is touching the gold. The main reason for increase in the oil price is demand.

The vehicle density is always increasing day by day . It will soon hit higher ends. India is one of the largest populated country, most of us have at-least a two wheeler. So we have try to reduce our consumption of oil. We have already heard that the superpower countries which has demanded huge amount of petrol to fulfill their needs, they always give the importance of war and try to suppress and coercive the weak and small countries which have huge amount of petrol. There were even wars for the fuel . No one can deny the importance of fuel. Save it. its priceless.If we take example of country like India during freedom the population is approximately 40 crore and vehicles also less comparatively according to the present time. It is logically proven. We know that our population increases rapidly and the people using lot of vehicles for transportation. Apparently the petroleum user is not understanding that as the population is increasing day to day, the consumption of petrol is also increasing.And India should have export more our products then only our trade surplus will come.As we all know that prices of oil will never be brought back to what that was in ten years ago. The government should adopt fair and transparent method on taxation of Petroleum products. That's what is to be done.

So, What's next?

We can adopt many available resolution. But the end result should always tray to reduce the burden on common people. The tax should be a flat amount per liter, rather than a percentage as it is now. And its true when something is removing that time the value of thing increase and same condition is applied here. NGO and other organization will have to drive awareness program and teach them how to use petrol and if they do not do that then what sort of bad consequences they have to face in future.

By doing this we may help our country to save petrol.Petrol price hike could only be controlled if we minimize our dependency on petrol. Being the importers of crude oil we have no power to lower down the crude oil as its demand is already very high in comparison to its supply.We can decrease oil consumption with use of more efficient technology.

The government should try to bring foreign companies investments in India. Whether foreign or national private players, we need more investments in this sector . By making a mutual going with technology leaders, we can use their technology to make vehicles more efficient and cost effective according to needs of Indian market.

Either we should increase supply or decrease consumption. Its difficult to replenish such a non renewable energy easily. Price hike is like a extra burden on a common man's family's budget. Its better to use the cycle instead of cars and bikes because of due to increasing the petrol rate and diesel rate. Whenever use these health of human beings will set. Because now a days each and every person are getting lot of health problem. So its useful to our life. Another reason is the pressure from U.S on India to cut the oil supplies from Iran which is a major nation from which India imports its major share of Oil. These can be considered as international factors on our national economy. So due to this pressure India has reduced its oil imports from Iran by 20% and so we can see an immediate effect of this. So in future if it stops importing oil from Iran completely then the affect of that would be even worse. Its time to move on to a better an efficient alternative for fossil fuel.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 06/08/2012    Points:2    

Wow Jobin, this is an extremely unique article I have read. It deserves a hats of to you. Yes, it is the common man who suffers the most and you have done the correct analysis.

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