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Working nature of medical transcription service provider

June 07, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 670

In this article, I have explained the need and working nature of medical transcription service provider. This article will give the information about medical transcription, eligibility to work as medical transcriptionist and Spectramedi''''''''s medical transcription


If a patient is not cured in one country, then he can consult to other reputed hospitals through medical transcription. For this mechanism, there are number of service providers are grown as soil in this world.

Work of medical transcription service provider:

The main objective of this service provider is to help the patient to take correct treatment from the reputed hospital. For example, a person suffering from heart attack is not cured in India, then the hospital he has joined can give contact to other reputed hospital in foreign through the media of medical transcription service provider. So, this service provider just acts as a media between one hospital to another hospital. This provider sends information of patient from one hospital to another hospital.

So, for that the service provider appoints some people to take the information by dictation and keywords that specified in medical dictionary . Even information of a patient can be transmitted from one service provider to another one.

Eligibilities to become a medical transcriptionist:

To become medical transcriptionist is not an easy task. For that, medical transcription service provider will give training up to the language, accent skills developed. Apart from it, person has to increase the command over medical terms by using medical dictionary. Medical transcriptionist has to work depending on the hours available to the service provider. The total work of as medical transcriptionist depends only on typing information taken from dictation. This dictation will be taken from any other accent. Understanding the language is more important. So, person has to develop English skills with required accent. There is no required qualification to become a medical transcriptionist. But, person has to develop required skills to work as medical transcriptionist.

There are number of medical transcription providers in giving service to the patients. I would like to say about a transcription provider as an example.

Spectramedi's medical transcription service:

This provider has been giving services since 1999. This company is U.S.base one which gives service to U.S. reputed hospitals. Cost given to transcription service depends on the schedule given by hospitals and also this provider takes money for the dictation of number words based. So, hospitals are even ready to pay more and more for medical transcription service providers. This provider services built on the rapport of customers. This service provider says that only long term customer relationship will give existence to its forever. For that purpose, this provider works round the clock without taking leisure of single day per week. After giving service to a customer, this service provider will send an invoice to him to charge its services provided to him. This provider does not ask addition charges to its services.
Products that available at this service provider into three categories. They are input modules, core module and out modules. Again, input modules are nothing but ways of given information to service provider. In core module, that information is processed and produced output as four ways. These four ways are considered in output modules.

Requesting for transcription service can do online only. A special web page for this provider is allotted to request medical transcription service. On this web page, name of the hospital, facility providing in it, its address, phone, fax and email to be filled up to take it into the date base of this service provider.


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