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Explanation on Google advance search

June 07, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 651

In this article, I have explained Google+ features starting with Google advanced search. This article will give information on different operators while using them along with searched items in Google search box.


Google is excellent search engine which has all features that other search engines do not have. Suppose, if we type "Google search" in the Google search box. we can find a web page on which we can see Google search for your phone, Google advanced search, Google blog search, Google people search like that. First, we have to know these features very well to understand about Google+ features some more extent. Now, we discuss about basic items Google advanced search.

Google advance search:

This search is not just as a normal search. In this search, we come across new searches using different symbols . They are:

a)Search for a phrase enclosed in ":

If we search some phrases enclosed invited commaas, then Google treats the order of the phrase perfectly. For example, we type "Alexander" in the Google search box to search it. Then Google search engine gives the web page related to Alexander but not about other famous personalities with (Alexander) name as prefix or suffix.

b)Search for a word as it is:

If we search a word without invited commaas in the Google search box, then Google shows the web page on which we can find results as synonyms of the word typed in the search box. Suppose, we type (history of India) in the Google search box, then we get results of different phrases indicating Indian history. But, we type as "history of India", we miss some results in the search page.

c)Search a site within another website:

If we type (Indiastudychannel:resources) in Google search box, then we can find only results on resources in Indiastudychannel website. Contrarily, if we type indiastudychannel resources in Google search box, then Google search engine gives comments of other websites on resources of Indiastudychannel website. Practically, we can understand this nature.

d)Search using (-) symbol before searching word:

For example, if we type (indian history) in Google search box, we can find different results related to typed phrase in the result page. Suppose, if we type ( -indian history), then Google search engine gives the results related to (history) only but about (indian). From this, we can understand that when we use minus symbol before a word in Google search box, then we can not find the results of that particular word in search page.

e)Search using (*) before a word:

If we type (*expose knowledge) in Google search box, we can find different sites which comment about expose knowledge and expose knowledge website on search page. That means we can find all the pages related to search item in search page.

f)Search using OR operator:

When we type any two search items between which we place OR in Google search box, then we can find the results of either of the searched items we typed in Google search box. That means whatever first search item we have written in search box, the results shown as taken that as priority.

Search using AND operator is not needed one as it is default thing to use in search box. There is no change in either using or not. There are some interesting points in Google advanced search. One of the important points is:
For some searches including OR operator, Google does not show the results which suits the meaning of OR operator. For example, if we type (betterORworse) in Google search box, then we can not find the working of OR operator.


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