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The Power of Faith - Part 1

June 08, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 16   Category: Others    Views: 744

Here''''s a little bit of introduction of the village where the story is set as well as the characters in the story.


Chandrapur was a village, which was abundant with farmers. The major occupation of the villagers was farming. Almost 90% of the population was involved in farming. Most of the farmers were well to do. Put together, all the farmers got all kinds of vegetables in their village. They were independent as far as vegetables were concerned. So it was like salt, oils and some spices for which they had to be dependent on the outside world. But the more important thing was that all the villagers lived happily and peacefully helping the others in need.

The Kumar’s were the head farmer of the village. They were the most affluent among the farmers. This Kumar couple was married for nearly 15 years. Still they had no offspring. Mr. Kumar was a devout devotee of Lord Shiva, while Mrs. Kumar worshiped Shri Swami Samartha. And so just by the grace of God and their penance, they were blessed with a boy, whose name was Somnath. So Somnath was their only kid.

Somnath was an apple of his parent’s eyes. He was pampered and overprotected a lot. There was no such thing that he demanded and did not get. He was brought up with such great love that he got used to all such mollycoddle. He was catered to quite promptly. This is how Somnath grew up.

Somnath had many a friend. And mostly all of them were the other farmer’s kids. As Somnath was special, special in the sense that firstly he was a rich farmer’s son and secondly he saw the light of the day quite late, he always dictated the terms. All had to listen to him and behave the way Somnath wanted. But in the real sense, he did all this just because he loved his friends a lot. He could rarely spend a minute without them. Living devoid of them, was unthinkable for Somnath. Now who were Somnath’s friends? Let us have a look at them.

Vikas was the son of a farmer who mostly dealt with sugarcane. His father produced mouth-watering sugarcane that was sweet to the core. He had a good income from that. His sugarcane was exported to the nearby villages and even to the sugar factories.

Raghu was the son of yet another farmer who ploughed jawar and bajra in his fields. Raghu’s father too was a well to do farmer who could support his family of two sons and a daughter along with his wife.

Nandu was the son of a laborer. It was only Nandu in this group whose father was not a farmer. Nandu’s father worked as a laborer with a local contractor. It was only Nandu’s family in this group that had to labor to make both ends meet. Still they were happy in what they earned for their family. But Nandu was quite different from all the others. He was obsessed by a dream of being a dentist. He thought so because his father had lost a tooth while working on the project site. He felt sorry for his father, as he could not do enough to help him. Due to his dreams, Nandu was affectionately called ‘Doctor.’

Rahul was also a son of the farmer who had a great foresight. His father did business in mushroom. Mushroom in those days were unthinkable of. Still he did all he could and even exported his produced material. Rahul’s father was the most unique farmer of Chandrapur.
These five kids – Somnath, Vikas, Raghu, Nandu and Rahul – were of the same age group – of 10 – 12 and were always seen together in their free time. They could not help being away for even two days on the trot. Each one of them was quite fond of the others and always made fun of each other. They always teased their other friends over minor things and took a lot of pleasure in fooling around.

Vacation had just started for these kids as their annual examination was over. So, all of them decided to enjoy their holiday as they always did. They all decided to go to Raghu’s fields to enjoy the newly developing crop of jawar and bajra. So after their morning breakfast Somnath, Vikas, Raghu, Nandu and Rahul all headed towards Raghu’s fields.


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