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The Power of Faith - Part 2

June 08, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 812

The boys have gone to play and in their own elements. They care the least for anyone and have decided to enjoy their time to the fullest.


Soon they reached the place. As it was the month of May the Sun had started to heat up. They made themselves comfortable at the base of a big banyan tree. The boys were quite brave and it looked no their less than a den for all of them. They placed down all the material that they had brought with them. There was food for all and bulk of water. Anyways water was not a problem for them as Raghu had got a big well for his fields.
They were discussing as to what would give them perfect joy while playing. They came up with all sorts of ideas. But as usual, Somnath’s say was going to be the final verdict anyhow. Their exams were just over. So they decided to be nostalgic.

“Look we will play something interesting. Let’s play school. I will be the Principal. And Doctor will be the teacher…” suggested Somnath.

“But Somu,” Raghu interrupted Somu, as Somnath was fondly called. “Doctor is more learned than you. He is good at academics too. Therefore, in my opinion, he deserves to be the Principal.”
“Do principals need to be more learned than teachers? I am the principal by seniority. Understood?” Somnath questioned Raghu upon which he remained speechless. He had an answer to this question posed by Somnath, but he had no guts to speak.

“Rahul and Vikas will be the students of the class.” Somnath continued. “Doctor, common sit on this stone.” Somnath said pointing to a big stone right under the tree. “This is you chair. I will be comfortable relaxing here. Rahul and Vikas you both get up and walk up to that plant.” Somnath guided both of them.

“Now start walking and enter the classroom, which begins from here.” Somnath said pointing towards a line he had drawn. The class has started already and Rahul and Vikas are late. Doctor, err, I mean Mr. Nandu, you should fire them for being late. Right? Now take your positions.”

“What is this Somu?” Vikas complained. “We are on time and you should not punish us. See there are only two students in the class and how can a class start without both of us?”
All the boys started laughing when they heard this intellectual cross-questing from Vikas.
“Boy, that is how the school functions.” you will know by-and-by. Somnath said as if he were a real principal.

Soon they were playing in their farm, which was on the outskirts of their town. It was a hot summer afternoon. But it was quite cool under this big banyan tree where they were all seated and having their dinner. It was the lunch break for them.

But the heat was nowhere near the boys. They did not seem deterred by the scorching heat. All of them had eaten to their full and were raring to go again. Physically, they were feeling quite energetic and as they did not do any work in the field as they usually did. Mentally too they were feeling fresh after having lunch as their bellies were full.
Soon a breeze started to blow. A cool breeze in such a hot weather was like a cup of cold coffee in a hot desert. All of them felt as they were on the seventh heaven. The breeze gave the boys the only thing that was missing – something to get them going as they had started to feel a little heavy due to the meal. All were feeling drowsy but yet did not want to sleep. So they were finding a reason to keep themselves from going to sleep under the great tree and in such a cool atmosphere.

Someone snatched a cloth from Somnath, in which he had brought their meal and flung it in the air. Naturally, the piece followed the wind’s direction and fell at some distance away from them. One of the boys fetched it and again threw in the same direction. But this time the breeze carried the cloth further than earlier, as the breeze had grown a little stronger. It happened the third time, the fourth time and still the fifth time too. Each time the cloth traveled more distance than its previous journey. This change was clearly noticeable.

Gradually, all the boys started to doubt the behavior of the cloth. Why did it go farther each time? There was at least one ‘scientist’ among all the boys who noticed the difference in distance. As Newton found the apple drops down and down only, Rahul noticed that the cloth was going away and away only. They thought that there is something fishy with the cloth.

“What is this cloth made of?” Raghu wondered.
“It is nothing but just a cloth yaar. Why are you getting so serious about nonsense things?” Someone among them said.


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