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How to write invitation letter to music event?

June 08, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.08   Views: 2500

In this article, I have explained about the way of writing a invitation letter to music event. This article will give information on preparation of invitation letter in 7 stages. This article will be used as invitation letters to other events also.


Generally, we can see invitations for great events in the hands of important persons. Those invitation letters are in good design and quality paper with attractive script . Suppose, you have to a conduct a musical night at a big auditorium or you are script writer of invitation letter to be sent to ministers, officials and VIPs. In that matter, you have to be very attentive about each and every word in the invitation letter. If an e-mail sends to these persons, no need to think about words, we can write less formal. But, when we send an invitation letter you have to take more concentration on preparing the invitation letter.

How to write an invitation letter for a musical event?

a) To write invitation letter, first,we have to prepare a draft for it using word processor. As invitation letter should be written or printed on a high quality paper. So, we have to take so much interest in preparing the draft;
b) Next, we have to type our address on the right upper hand side of the letter with details of telephone number and email address also, now, we have to start with salutation as "Respected sir". When we send salutation by email we can use less formal words. But, it is necessary to adopt formal language for correspondence through the letter to very important person to invite.
c) In the introduction of paragraph in the invitation letter, we start with who are involving in this music event. That means musical players. On what occasion, they are doing music to recreate the people to be mentioned in the invitation letter. After, in the invitation letter, which musical organization participate to exhibit their music performance. For example, if the event is commenced on donations to poor people, then that should be mentioned in the letter. Occasion may be on the eve of retired musician. So, there are several reasons to commence a music event. All this is to be done on a rough draft before present in invitation letter.
d) In the separate paragraph, we have to write the date, time and event's location. This paragraph will be useful to the recipient to know about the details of the event.
e) In the last paragraph, we have to mention gratitude to the recipients if they attend this event. This should be very formal. This paragraph makes the recipients to attend the event compulsory.
f) In the final stage, we have to write with a best quality pen on high quality paper without any corrections. In other way, we can print this draft on high quality paper using word processor. Nevertheless, invitation letter should be very attractive to the recipient.
g) As a final touch, we have to tie the paper with coloured ribbon by allowing through holes made by paper punch. We have to tie a knot either side of the ribbon.
h) We can affix a printed label of address or hand written the addressee. Then, we have to affix a postage on it. We have to put a space on cover letter for the responses of the recipient of the invitation letter.


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