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Surveillance Cam - Security Vs Privacy

June 08, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.25   Views: 919

Surveillance cameras have become a necessary. But its been about security and privacy. When security is given importance, is privacy compromised?


Its becoming modern everywhere. Technology. It is the word that is driving the new world. We are seeing new and new technologies coming up everyday. Innovations had always brought changes in our day to day life. Camera's were invented decades back and it was meant to capture moments. World has changed, technology has changed. Video camera's are having wide applications now a days. To have a peaceful life, we need to have protection of our life and assets. The use of surveillance camera's are increasing day by day. At first they were used only where we need extreme security and monitoring. Security cameras have become mandatory in public places.It has become common now.

Security Cams - A need for today

Social scams like terrorists, thieves etc. can be caught easily by security cams. But with the increasing use of security cameras, there arises a question of individual privacy. Can it be a thing like pen cam, in the hands of public. Privacy is something that we all want . We can't compromise on that. Otherwise they will create mess on the normal people.

Security camera's have now become essential to protect the public. They are necessary to avoid corruption and crimes. It helps police force and other law enforcement agencies to find thief and criminals and have a control over the public safety. Security cameras will be necessary to avoid criminal activities in public places. The question is where we want these camera's and what should be the surveillance criteria.

Can we say that the privacy of the common people is not at all affected by security cameras. It is true that basically security cameras help us to seek information about whereabouts of events happening around us. It should placed in commercial malls, market and other public places. A security camera in a home helps working parents to know present state of their children sitting at home alone. Wherever we are placing the camera's, make sure the privacy of the people are not compromised.

Privacy matters

Think where are the security cameras installed? Security cameras are installed only in public places. Surveillance cameras are of different type depending on the use meant for this. Security cams are installed by the law enforcement authorities to maintain public peace. They are meant to be installed only in public places. So hows the privacy is compromised in public places. Now a days surveillance cameras are increasingly installed inside offices. The idea of installing these cams is to make the people work more attentive and active, because they know that they are being watched in a camera by the authorities.

Yes. Privacy matters . Its a matter of oneself. Technology has helped to maintain a peace and working atmosphere. In the recent past to control the robbery and other misdeeds, the advancement in technology is used. The use of the tool depends upon the users. Inventions have sometimes used with bad deeds. The world has witnesses it many times. Nuclear energy was actually meant to meet the increasing energy needs of the world. Either the effect will be direct or indirect. But some times it doesn't matters as to protect ourselves. Mostly in Jewelleries, Malls and banks, the increase in level of security can even help in divert the mind set of thief's to commit a crime.

In such situations, if there security cameras are installed and it should be properly maintained to make it useful. Security cameras increase the level of security and makes the security system strong. But its should be properly maintained. Meanwhile people use these security hidden cameras in dressing room, wash room or in bedroom which will really makes the people to feel bad and its a pure intervention in someones privacy. That cannot be accepted under any cases. Hence security cameras should be used in proper way and it should not affect the normal life of people.

Cams- The next level of security

Surveillance cameras in offices and other institutions are becoming a must for the present scenario. Coming to know about any lacuna in disciplinary measures they start paying less attention on their work so for this surveillance cameras are a must to make them attentive in there work and also for those which demand tight security. The thought of being watched will make people stay away from foul practices. In today's business world, there exist tight competition.

Companies should maintain a privacy of their own plans and strategies to make them workout. In such cases, employees should be under surveillance and for these camera's are the best option as they will not directly involve someone's normal life. Its there, you don't have to bother about that unless you are doing something wrong. So, if you are doing the right, then why should you bother about being watched. But this shouldn't disturb someone's private life.

Some people are making the wrong use of security cameras. Every technology should be used in the correct way. Security cameras are meant for keeping the security tight. Also just keeping the camera is not going to make it useful,it should maintain a good database and the surveillance should be done with efficient people. As technologies helps in defeating technology , there are loop holes that can be made and used.

Security cam - not the final word

Technology itself can be used to make these surveillance systems worthless. As people do corruption and crimes, they can also mess or change the original picture or video in the camera and thereby make a loop hole for them. It should be used personally as in the jewellery shops, malls etc. There should be a good security team who will keep everything under surveillance. Make sure the technology is made useful. If security camera are used in the government offices, it will help to reduce corruption and inefficiency.

Our nations security is more important than our privacy . Surveillance cameras causes irritation when we know that somebody is watching us. So we cannot concentrate on our work fully. It makes us feel,that they don't trust us. Intervention in someone's private life is not good. The feel of being watched sometimes doesn't work the way always. Only if the cameras are under proper surveillance, they can be useful. There should be a system to constantly monitor the things.

Security is good but cams should be used only where its necessary. Cameras will be definitely helpful. Though we have a good security cam system installed in main places, when somebody does a crime, we comes to know that after crime, most of the times the cam system is destroyed or we may not be able to recognize the face of the person and we are unable to get the person. This is due to the poor quality system maintenance. So, installing cams doesn't makes it all . Also even when security cameras are there one can do some thing to take precaution to hide the face in proper way. So, security cams are not the last word of safety. They are just an aid.

Security camera, not a hidden cam

Security cameras should not be hidden cameras. Then that is a pure violation of law as it causes intervention in someones privacy. Hidden camera issues are being reported worldwide. Its the wrong use of technology. Hidden Camera Detector technology has improved over time just like cameras so we can easily protect ourselves from having our privacy invaded. So, we should take care of ourselves always. This should be something we think about whenever we use a public restroom, changing or locker room since using camera there is a intrusion in people's privacy. This will create social problems .

In order to avoid the misuse, cameras installed for security reasons should not be made hidden. They should be installed in a place where we can see. This helps in many ways. The common public can be aware of being watched and they can be more vigilant. People who are right in their work, why they bother about cameras. Security cameras are necessary depends on location and environment in which we are working. Also the presence of cameras may sometimes prevent the people from doing wrong things.

Surveillance cameras are installed with multiple use in shops. They can be used to watch on both the workers and the customers. But the usage of cameras in the office makes the employee that they are not reliable to their company and making so much irritation in the environment of the office and they couldn't manage to think free to deploy their innovative ideas for the development of the company.Considering employees in a garment shop, owner can watch whether they are working properly or not. Talk with the employees about the use of cameras and don't make them feel uncomfortable with the cameras. After all, we need efficient work.

Security without compromising privacy

Another way of keeping privacy is by allowing the security cameras to be accesses by only a designated team and make sure that the video being recorded are not used for anything else. Its a fact that the security cameras cannot prevent any crime. All it can help is to find out the culprit long after the damage has already taken place. Most of the times, the faces of the person cannot be identified even using such cameras. Moreover, it requires maintenance and storage. The surveillance camera system is costlier to install and maintain. So, proper uses of the system has to be done. There is no mean to ensure that such a camera will not malfunction or cannot be damaged by the criminals. It is not even considered as solid proofs in court sometimes.

All that should be kept in mind that security cameras are not meant to intrude into our privacy. There are installed for making sure that law remains the law. Public should not be against it. Its for our well being. But some measures have to be taken while installing and maintaining. Whether it is a security cam or a surveillance cam, it should not be made hidden. It should not be allowed in private places like wash rooms etc. Its a pure violation of human rights. Technologies are for making a better life. A world without privacy will be a total mess.Keep that in mind.


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