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Natural ways to whiten teeth

June 08, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1310

Sparkling white teeth adds to the beauty of an individual. There are natural ways to white teeth. There is no need to buy costly creams or powders. The natural substances that help clean the teeth and whiten it are detailed below.


A smile reveals the beauty of a person. A welcoming smile is what makes others warm up and become friends for life. However yellow teeth and teeth which is not healthy looking will certainly put off others. There are teeth whitening products which are available throughout the world. These products are usually made up of harmful chemicals which damage the teeth in the long run. Therefore it is wiser to use natural teeth whiteners because they do not have side effects and cost next to nothing.

Fruits and vegetables – natural teeth whiteners

Fruits and vegetables of the coarse variety are good teeth whiteners. They are more effective in whitening teeth if consumed in raw condition. The vegetables and fruits that belong to this category are apples, carrots, celery, cucumber and peas. They can be eaten on a daily basis. Juices will not have effect in cleaning teeth. It should be eaten raw.

Dairy products – natural calcium

Dairy products contain calcium which is very good for strong teeth. Phosphorous and calcium which is present in foods like cheese, milk and yogurt helps strengthen the teeth by building enamel. Weak enamel will speed up tooth decay. The enamel that is weak will not look healthy and white. The person will experience extreme difficulty and pain when eating hot or cold foods. Calcium helps to maintain strong teeth but it should be remembered that dairy products can cause harm to the teeth if the mouth is not rinsed properly after consuming these foods.

Lemon – the all purpose citrus fruit

Lemon juice is known for its numerous health benefits. It is also widely used as a natural bleaching agent. Salt and lemon mix is good for increasing tooth color. Lemon peel can be stored in a salt jar and used occasionally by rubbing the teeth with it. It should be remembered that too much of the acid present in lemon can be harmful to the teeth.

Strawberries and baking soda – natural teeth whitening product

Strawberries are fruits which help whiten teeth. The berries have malic acid which speeds teeth whitening and masks stains. Crushed strawberries and baking soda mix acts a natural whitening agent. This should be applied only once in a while to prevent enamel corrosion by baking soda.

Straw usage – a health tip

Drinks like tea and coffee are liked by almost everyone. Unfortunately they discolor the teeth. Drinking through a straw will help avoid this discoloration. It might seem awkward but it is better than having yellow colored teeth. Prevention is of course better than cure.

Hydrogen peroxide - a useful agent

Hydrogen peroxide is usually mixed with toothpaste or mouthwash to whiten the teeth. It is a popular whitener and used commercially also. The mixture should not be swallowed however. This habit should be practiced only once in every three weeks.

Wood ash – a good remedy

Potassium hydroxide which is present in ash helps to whiten the surface of the object when rubbed on it. White ash helps to do away with plaque. Care should be taken to use ash only rarely because it may damage the surface of the teeth.

There are other methods like using rock salt gargle, olive oil rub, and neem stick chews, mango leaf chews and many more. Natural substances do not harm the teeth or enamel. Foods and drinks that leave stains should be avoided during the process of whitening.

Author: TheGirlWithTheRedShoes        
Posted Date: 06/10/2012    Points:1    

This is very useful,especially since many products on the market which pretend to help are actually not doing nothing.
Author: Sagar        
Posted Date: 06/10/2012        

Very nice and Very Helpfull to all.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 06/10/2012        

thanks dears, I am glad I could be of help.
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 06/11/2012    Points:1    

Hi Deepa, your article is very informative. thanks for sharing these tips.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 06/13/2012        

Great informative....keep it up dear..
Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 06/14/2012    Points:2    

I like the method of using straw. But it is a strange practice. Usually many people have the habit of drinking tea and coffee from the road side tea shop. Can we ask straw to them? if someone sees us drinking tea or coffee with straw, then he may think that somthing has happened to us.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 06/17/2012    Points:1    

he he Adi, yeah but it does solve the problem. Thanks Sarika and Mathi
Author: Suny        
Posted Date: 06/17/2012    Points:1    

Wonderfully written with detailed information. I liked the fruits part most.
Author: Sujay Sen        
Posted Date: 06/17/2012    Points:4    

Orange Skin Powder:

Take the skin out of Orange and dry it under the sunlight for few days so that it turns hard. Then crush well to change it into a smooth powder. Now, with this orange skin powder, if you brush your teeth for at least one month, obviously you will see a miraculous change on your tooth decay. This Orange Skin Powder will make your teeth white and shining. So, would you like to give it a try?
Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 06/17/2012    Points:1    

We have to brush twice daily to keep our teeth white and clean.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 06/23/2012    Points:1    

wow, yes thanks Sujay Sen, I will try. I have used orange powder for facial. I will share this so that others will know too.

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