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How to reduce stress at workplace

June 09, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 922

A stress free working environment benefits both the company and the employees. Multi national companies have started to focus on employing a stress free workplace for improving their efficiency.



When corporate's compete against each other, workplaces are becoming more and more stressful as the burden comes to the shoulders of employees. Its a fact that working under pressure reduces the efficiency. It also affects the individual health of the employees. So, care should be taken to improve a stress free environment where the employees can contribute their best for the upliftment of the company and also for the personal career growth.

Here are some tips to reduce the stress in the working places :

Better work environment
The pressure on the workers can be reduced by giving them a free environment to work on. Intermediate work breaks and other entertainments are now a days provided by companies to reduce the stress on their employees. Cultural activities and other unofficial programs can be conducted in the workplace. Making them to work in a relaxed atmosphere will improve their efficiency. Companies employing such a sound working culture are experiencing a less job drop outs.

Adequate physical atmosphere
Even the physical environment affects the efficiency of the works. Poor quality lighting, uncomfortable air, unpleasant noise etc. can create a stressful environment in the work place. Thus it reduces the work efficiency. So, these things can be taken with proper care to reduce the stress on the working employees.

Unofficial hang outs
A break from a stressful work can make the employees to relax. Especially when they are working in a uncomfortable atmosphere, occasional outings with colleagues, unofficial hangouts etc can help employees to understand each other. Getting in ease with each other is essential when working as a team for a project. Team works has become essential in today's work culture. So, this helps a lot.

Help from an Experienced hand
Increasing stress among employees even affect their mental strength. Working under high pressure sometimes reduces the self confidence. So, corporate world has started seeking the help from experienced counselors to give occasional talks to the employees. They even care to give personal attention to the needed. These professionals can make sure that working under high pressure and stressful atmosphere doesn't make them fall into depression.


Corporate organizations has started to accept the importance of providing a stress free working conditions for their employees. Employees who are normally productive and highly efficient may slowly slow down their pace of work. These can be considered as work stress and needful care should be taken by the authorities to reduce it. Human resource department are given such responsibilities in multi-national companies where a stressful work atmosphere exists.

Author: Sujay Sen        
Posted Date: 06/16/2012    Points:3    

To reduce stress at workplace, try to take your job easily as you are not alone on your workplace. Try to share your problem with your colleagues.

Moreover, at your workplace, if you can manage few free moments after your lunch, you can just try to take a nap. This nap will definitely help you reducing your stress in some way.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 06/27/2012    Points:3    

Nice article. These days, employers are paying more attention to employee relaxation events, parties, and training. Employers also hire psychoanalysts and people with a humanities background in their employee engagement departments. All this shows that even employers are trying to battle stress at workplace to ensure higher levels of productivity.

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