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10 tips to keep our house safe when we are away

June 09, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 1179

Our home is always our favorite destination. We always need to keep our home safe. Here are some tips to protect our house when we are away from it.


Our home is one of our precious property. We always want to keep our house safe as it is more than a building to us. We should take care of our house properly, even when we are away. Here are some tips to keep our house safe when we are going out for a journey or something.

Tip 1
Check whether all the doors and windows are locked properly.

Tip 2
If you are planning to leave the house for longtime, remove the curtains as they will accumulate dust and create unhealthy atmosphere inside rooms.

Tip 3
Food wastes and other degradable wastes should be disposed properly well before going out. Don't keep any food items in your house if you are planning to lock down the house for a long period.

Tip 4
Check carefully whether all cabinets and lockers are properly locked and carry the keys of your personal lockers with you.

Tip 5
Make sure all taps are closed properly and shut down the main water connection.

Tip 6
Have a thorough cleaning of your house before leaving. Use some room fresheners so that the atmosphere can be maintained healthily.

Tip 7
Switch off the electricity connection and the gas connection in the house. Electrical appliances should be disconnected from the terminals.

Tip 8
Furniture's and other appliances should be properly covered to avoid the dust accumulation on it.

Tip 9
Properly dispose or at least store well the inflammable and hazardous materials from the house.

Tip 10
Always expect emergency needs and leave a duplicate key of your house at a trustworthy neighbor and tell them to keep a look on your property.

Author: sustainability        
Posted Date: 06/22/2012        

A useful checklist
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/24/2012    Points:4    

They are quite common but surely important points.. Everybody should consider them and not to forget about them when they are leaving there home.. Specially switching off the electricity as this can surely create major issue due to some problem. I have recently seen such incident when due to short circuit one couple have to bear so many damage in their house when they were not at home. So better to switch off the main switch if nobody is at home. This will secure your house from such problems. Nice tips , keep it up.

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