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15 Tips to get more Readers for your Articles

June 09, 2012  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.60   Views: 992

Article writing has become common in Internet. Better Search engine optimization and constant communication with readers will increase the readership of your articles.


Online content writing has seen a sudden hike in the last 10 years. Availability of more genuine opportunities encouraged writers to contribute to the online world. Just writing quality articles may not be able to give you good amount of readers. Competition has increased a lot. So, getting more readership and an identity as an online writer has become difficult. Rather than random visitors, having a good community of constant readers of your articles has become essential.

Here are the 15 tips which can be made useful to be unique and get more readership for your articles :-

>> The first thing is nothing but the quality of article. A good article is always required to fetch traffic. Present your article beautiful and catchy to read.

>>Make the topic eye catchy so that the reader will click it. First impression always matters. It gives a unique identity for your article among others.

>>Always promote commenting on your article. Its the best way to communicate with your readers. It will also help the author to improve on his articles.

>>Be informative and straight. Your articles are your identity.

>>Promote your articles through social media, feed burners and other available opportunities. This will also create quality good links for your article in front of search engines.

>>Always keep in touch with your readers. Listen from them. This will make readers to come back for more of your articles.

>>See what's happening around. Writing articles about trending topics of the time will always helps in getting new readers and will also get good position in search engine results.

>>Use a Share button in your page if possible. Users will share your page in other sites and thus it increases your readership.

>>Never waste an opportunity to express a gratitude to your readers. Keep a positive energy level through your articles.

>>Whenever writing a review, be straight. Don't choose any side unless valid proofs are available to substantiate your views.

>>If you are writing in blogs, add option for readers to become the subscribers. RSS feed, email subscription etc. can be considered.

>>Readers are the real strength. Never create a fake impression in front of your readers.

>>If ads are posted in article and if you can control it, make sure that its creating a positive image for your article and related links always helps readers.

>>Don't flood your page with ads. It will increase the loading time of your page and also reduces the importance of your article.

>>Maintain a good relationship with other writers. Mutual promotion of each others helps both in gaining new readers.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/22/2012    Points:7    

Writing articles became a very good earning method in internet most of the internet users mostly students are searching internet for part time writing job. There are thousands of websites thats pay you for unique visitors or if you have any approved google adsense account then you can directly earn from google. But before writing an article we need to fine a trendy subjects which most of the peoples are surfing for. If we wanted to get a great traffic in internet then we need to get our article in top of the google or yahoo page. If anyone use a very good use of the tags and good summary, introduction and very creative way of writing and a very good conclusion. If you are good writer or an average writer your aim is to get more traffic. If you write thousand article and no visitors then it is waste and if you only write an article which has thousands of visitors daily then you will successed.
Good information and good topic selection. Keep it up.
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 06/27/2012    Points:2    

Nice article. Also, note that this article already has a 103 views. This shows how effectively you wrote the piece. I agree with your tips. We need to promote the articles and write interesting ones. Also, if we write about trending topics, there is a higher chance of getting more views.

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