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Over Active Bladder - A complete study

June 10, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 875

Do you have burning sensation while passing urine? Do you feel discomfort? Do you pass urine more than two times an hour? Read the article below that describes the causes, symptoms and treatment options for over active bladder.


The urge to pass urine is present in all individuals. However if the urge overcomes the power to control the urine, it causes leaks. This condition is commonly known as over active bladder. The symptoms of this disease are common to interstitial cystitis. This condition causes extreme discomfort to a person and restricts social life and public appearances. A thorough diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes can help cure this disease.

The causes of overactive bladder

The main causes are diseases that affect the proper functioning of the bladder. These diseases are obstructions, bladder stones, infections, prostrate diseases, nervous system disorder, injury and swelling. The persons who are aged and women are the ones who are more likely to get over active bladder syndrome. The affected people will not be able to control urine. Foods also can cause over active bladder. Urinary diseases, overweight and medicinal side effects can also cause over active bladder. People who suffer from disabilities and disease conditions like arthritis will not be able to reach the bathroom quickly in order to relieve the bladder. Thus the bladder will become affected over time. Chronic diseases like diabetes and kidney problems also cause over active bladder.

Symptoms of over active bladder

1. Urge to urinate often
2. Urinating two or three times within an hour
3. Depression
4. Anxiety
5. Leaks
6. The urge to pass urine at least eight times a day

Pregnant women and women who have had several childbirths will be more prone to such conditions. However this condition can be brought control by women if they practice yoga. Lifestyle changes and the willpower to control can help a great deal. People who suffer from this disease should be tested for other urological diseases too.

Tests for over active bladder

1. EMG
2. X-rays
3. Physical exam
4. Ultrasound scan
5. PVR
6. Cytoscopy
7. Stress test
8. Pad test

Treatments available

Medicines are given after diagnosis. Training is part of the treatment program. Operations are done in serious cases. Flaxovate and anticholinergic are given to decrease bladder spasms. There can b side effects like giddiness, nausea, vision impairment, insomnia, tiredness and dry mouth. This condition can be avoided by reducing the intake of caffeine drinks, spicy foods, carbonated drinks like sodas and citrus drinks. Drinking pure water helps a lot to flush the dirt away. Training is provided to control urine. Surgery is a last resort.

Special note: a person should consult the specialist if he or she has burning sensation while urinating.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 06/11/2012    Points:2    

Thanks for sharing this article on over active bladder disorder with us. You have described the causes, symptoms and treatment of the same in a very orderly way. Keep posting such informative articles. I wish you all the best and good luck for the same.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 06/13/2012        

Thanks Ajay

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