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Tips for making family happier this summer

June 10, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 559

Everyone is destined to be happy and healthy. God created humanity to be happy. Family is the smallest unit of society. Happiness doubles and multiplies in sharing. Summer is said to be the season of outdoor activities and enjoyments. Make your families happier this summer.


Family is the cradle of joys and sorrows. It is in the family where the seed of happiness is born into the world. Every season has its own impact on families. Winter is calm and cold,reducing most of your outdoor activities. Spring sprouts with enthusiasm and new energy.
Summer is bright and brims with busy life. Fall is a turning back in the seasonal change.
Every season makes you reflect on the wonderful nature of creations.

Summer celebrates Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They are the parents who form and
guide the family. They fulfill the creation work of God. Future of human existence is
entrusted to into their hands. Father leads the family and makes it happy and prosperous.
Parents nurture their children. Nurture does not stop with providing food. It also means
providing mental and spiritual nourishment.

Consumerism and commercialism of modern lifestyle have affected and deviated the role
of parents to a great extend. If this continues, it will be a death blow to human life. Family relationship is very vital and it has to be given great importance.
Here are some tips to enjoy the summer and make it an opportunity to bring families
closer. These summer habits will strengthen the family relationship.

1) Dine together at least once in two days
Dinner table has got great importance in strengthening family relationship. It provides a lot of chances for conversation and interaction. Try to create opportunities to bring all the family members together and spend time at the dining table. If possible, have dinner
together outside. It may be in your backyard or around the picnic table elsewhere. Eating
outdoors provides opportunities to enjoy the summer weather. It also enables kids running
around and playing outside.

2) Enjoy together the fresh air outside
Enjoying the fresh air outside provides health to all family members not only to the body but also to the mind and soul. Fresh air fills body and mind with positive energy. Modern couch potato life is filled with clutters which are dangerous to body and mind.

3) Visit the nearest sightseeing places
You can plan together such visits for hours or days. They relieve stress that leads to many health hazards. They fill the little children with indelible happy memories. There are plenty of sightseeing places around you. There are places which you can visit without any expense.

Modern man has lost conversation. Lack of communication is creating breaches among
family members as well as members of a society. Bring all the family members closer in
this summer. Create more chances to communicate and make this summer more



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