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The Power of Faith - Part 3

June 11, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 807

The boys are now busy playing and are engrossed in their own world. The conversation goes on among them and they are visibly enjoying themselves.


“Does the black color of the cloth make it behave like that?” Vikas questioned.
“Yeah, you may be right.” Nandu tried to frighten all the other boys, as he was the eldest among them all.
“Please do not talk foolish things.” Rahul reprimanded Nandu. “Each one threw the same piece of cloth. But nevertheless, it should not go that far. It is not that solid to go that far…”
“…but the wind is carrying it. There is nothing to get worried about. Common Somu now you throw it away and let us see how strong your mussels are. It is you who still haven’t thrown the cloth until now.” Said Nandu could not keep quiet for long.
“But still it shouldn’t go that far.” Rahul said before Somnath could throw the piece of cloth. But suddenly Rahul saw something and stood his ground. He was too shocked and amazed to see what he had seen. He turned around and flung his eyesight far and near. There was deafening silence all around. The hot sun had soothed one and all to sleep. Even the birds were relaxing in the coziness of their nests. The animals too were seen relaxing in the shade of the far off trees. What was audible was only the wind blowing and rustling of the leaves. But what Rahul was experiencing, the others were not even aware of it.
“Let me have that piece, Nandu.” Rahul demanded.
“Fine, so at last you too have to come and play with us. I told you it’s nothing serious. Here is the cloth.” Nandu handed over the cloth to Rahul.
Rahul made a ball of the cloth and flung with all his might. And to everyone’s surprise the cloth fell quite a distance, even further than ever before.
There is something wrong in what we are doing. Or there’s something wrong with this place. All were stunned to hear what Rahul had just said.
“What is it Rahul? Oh, what’s this you are perspiring and that too in such a cool breeze?”
“This breeze? Did you see what I have seen?” Rahul asked with eyes wide open and glaring at the trees in front and around him.
Vikas tried to see sense in Rahul’s statement.
“No yaar. What’s it? I feel everything is quite ok here. What is your problem by the way? All of you are behaving like someone possessed?” Vikas said.
“Come, look. Look through my eyes.” Saying this Rahul grabbed his hand and tried to show him what he was feeling.
Vikas softly hit Rahul’s cheek.
“What is it? Common tell me. Don’t talk mysteriously.” Vikas was getting impatient.
A light slap seemed to awaken Rahul, but only physically. Mentally he was still under the influence of that ‘something.’
“What is it Vikas?” Rahul asked as if he had come out of a trance.
“Well, now you are asking me this. And what was I doing all this while.”
“Vikas, did you see anything mysterious in here? Just turn around and see how all the trees are sleeping so peacefully. Not a leaf is moving. Now look yonder, the same thing. Not a single tree is carrying the breeze forward. Then how come only this tree is shaking?”
Ground seemed to move under Vikas’s feet. He was spellbound literally and did not know how to respond to the unimaginable truth that he himself was experiencing. He was lost for words. Had he heard the same from someone else, he would have rubbished it off. But how could he rubbish off this one?
Suddenly, Somnath, who was so calm and quiet all this time sitting on a stone, delivered a thunderous blow on Raghu’s jaws. The sudden attack took all by surprise, especially Raghu. There was tremendous power behind the blow. It did not seem to be a blow dished out by a 12 – 14 year old kid. The blow seemed to have some supernatural force behind it. Otherwise how could he deliver a blow that spouted a swollen instantly and loss of half the tooth?
Raghu got up rubbing his jaws. Vikas and Nandu all rushed to help him get up. Rahul ran towards Somnath to see as to what had suddenly happened that prompted him to take such an extreme step.
“What is this, Raghu? Blood is oozing out of your mouth. See this for yourself.” Saying this Vikas showed him the blood that was on Raghu’s chin.
“You see tooth is the hardest part of a human body.” Nandu started, who always conceived a dream of becoming a dentist. “The fact that Raghu lost half his tooth shows the power behind the blow. And one more thing, as far as the human tooth is concerned, it has…”
“…Oh you. Shhhhhhhhhhhut up.” Vikas was furious over him. “Just stop running your mouth. Without having any sense and gravity of the situation, you start your lecture. Think what you can do about this now?”
“But there is a point in what Nandu says, Vikas. Children of our age can never plant such a heavy blow to anyone.” Rahul tried to wash Vikas’s brains.
“I think you are right Rahul. Something is surely wrong here.” Vikas said thoughtfully.
“Somnath and Raghu, are both of you ok?” Nandu enquired.
“I am not. Ask Somu if he is.” Raghu was the first to respond.
Though Somnath had hit Raghu so hard, he did not retaliate.
“Somnath, what happened dear? I hope you are alright. See how you have knocked Raghu.”
Somnath was lost in his won world and did not are to answer.
“Somnath…” shouted Vikas.
“Somnath, just see how funny Raghu looks now with such a face.” Nandu teased. “It seems as if there is a new joker in our troop. You have to look at it to believe it.”
Situation was getting tense with each passing moment. And so were the boys.
Nandu tried to get rid of some of the tension. He tiptoed, got from behind and softly tapped Somnath’s shoulder.
“Somu. Somu, Somu, Somu. Hello, can you hear me? You know what I am going to operate upon Raghu’s tooth when I become a dentist. Even if it has happened due to your prowess…”


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