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Lifestyle wrong behind the nagging neck pain

July 17, 2010  by: TooHow  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 1506

Habits of many different follow in our daily lives affect our body causing pain annoying when you are not sound, and the pain of the neck of the problems troubling that we face as a result of lifestyle sinner who follow, and this must begin to address this situation, whether you are experiencing the pain of neck, nagging, or you are prone them because of improper habits tracked.


- The problems of overlapping

According to doctors who specialize in diseases of bones and joints are not the problem in the neck pain the same in both cases. The problem may be in the muscles or in the paragraphs or between them. The problem has been generally pain in the neck extends to the upper limbs, may extend even to the head and the pain it caused, and to the chest muscles that may cause concern to the patient, thinking it is a problem in the heart because of the similarity of symptoms. In cases of disc "between paragraphs" occurs not in the nerve in the place where there will be pressure, causing pain with numbness in the hands and weakness, and if the problem is in the muscles former would receive fatigue in the neck and twice to ensure that it becomes the head heavy and hard drive, especially when watching TV or driving because of weakness in the muscles. If there is a problem in the paragraphs in an advanced stage, which is known as calcification, where there is deep pain in the neck, especially when you do the movement which, in the case of extinction in paragraphs patient suffers pain because of disc pain.

In the case of the bad habits that we follow in our daily lives. Which may negatively affect the situation and cause pain to the neck is that most of us follow the way of life is unhealthy for the neck and paragraphs as a way to sit is straight in front of the TV screen and to the Office of the low, increasing pain unit in this case, if it exists already, and that the situation during sleep affect it, such as if the pad is low or too high.And methods of treatment available for neck pain. There are methods other than surgery, says doctors, medicines, including painkillers for relief if the tense muscles, and anti-inflammatory, in addition to physical therapy and ring the medical status is usually not recommended for long periods because it causes weakness in the muscles of the neck due to lack of movement .. Point is that if did not work medicines in addressing the situation, especially when the disc is great pressure on the nerve is severe, then it is necessary to resort to surgery to take pressure off the nerve to relax the patient, referring physicians need to focus on addressing the pain of the neck because of negligence may lead to pain, chronic because constant pressure on the nerves, causing weakness in the upper extremities.

- Prevention measures

It is necessary to use the neck vertebrae, as appropriate. Therefore, doctors are advised to follow the following instructions to prevent those annoying pain:
- Must be a TV high.

- Must be a level appropriate to the level of the Holy Office.

- Must be the appropriate level of the computer screen.

- The computer must be on the desk directly in the face of the face so as not to tire the muscles of your neck.

- Must be the Holy Office up to a degree where Mrtahtin feet at the ground to leave about three or four inches between the edge and soles of crippling knee.

- Hands should be focused on the desktop in the form of a comfortable back straight so that the seat on the chair, as it should be in the chair to allow a certain level was stuffed under the desk.

- Uses must be frequently used in hand on the desk, while others are placed further away so there is no need to do repetitive movements tired hands.

- Do not bend, but must be kept back straight and body away from the office.

- For those who suffer from weakness, even a simple consideration, you must use glasses to be no need to bend down to see the characters.

- A computer mouse should be placed in close proximity so that they are comfortable with the hand to use and must be put to keyboard remain straight with the hand bones of the forearm.

- Do not place the phone while you talk between the shoulder and ear, but it is better to use headphones at work.

- To relax the neck muscles and keep softening, it is advisable to stop working every 15 minutes and move the hands and neck.

- For the position during sleep, it is wrong to sleep on the belly because it hurts the neck, the fact that this situation requires a sprained neck.

- You must use a pillow during sleep because sleep without causing pressure on the vertebrae.

- Must be the pillow in the level of allowing bail neck in its natural status, so it is necessary to sleep on the pillow right, knowing that he recommended to use the regular cotton bag since it can be restyled its cotton commensurate with the uncomfortable situation of the neck.

- Weight distribution purposes must be carried in from both sides of the hands because the weight and the weight of a negative impact on the shoulders.

- When you stand up and sit should be back and shoulders straight to avoid neck fatigue.

- Must sit up straight to watch television, and avoid sleeping on the couch in front of him, and advised doctors not to sit in front of the TV for long periods to avoid muscle spasms.

- In the end, doctors say that the bad situation of the neck is loosening the chin forward, shoulders and melodic, and the proper setting of the neck birthday: in return the chin to the back and extending the head at the top. And maintain a good upright shoulders.


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