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Think of Responsible Fatherhood on the Fathers Day

June 12, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Others    Views: 649

Father’s Day is celebrated in some parts of the world on the third Sunday of June. It is an occasion to think of the role of a father in day to day life. In the modern lifestyle the role of a dad has become more mechanic and irrelevant. It is high time to think of a father’s role in family life and acknowledge his contribution to family and society.


Father’s day is highlighted in the media more to promote sales than to recognize the importance of fatherhood. It is very unfortunate that Father’s Day has become more consumerist and commercial than encouraging the role of fatherhood.

The role of fatherhood is neglected in modern life

The role of a father is often relegated as it is considered as a secondary status compared to a mother. It is thrown like a condom after it is used for its purpose. Many fathers abandon their families, leaving their wives and children at a great loss. Family life is shattered and thousands of men and women are standing at the court gates seeking divorce.

Significant role of fatherhood

Fatherhood is equally important as motherhood. It has equal significance in the development and rearing of children. By nature, children depend on their dad for their physical, emotional and spiritual well being. It is the father who provides a status for the child in a society. It is the father who strengthens the emotional, physical, financial and social well being of a child. In fact, dad is considered by children as their role model. For them, he is the strongest man in the world.

Thirukkural, written 2000 years ago by the saintly poet Thiruvalluvar, says in Kural 67 that it is the duty of the father to bring up his child in such a way that they sit in the front row in any assembly of wise and in Kural 70 that it is the duty of the son towards his father to make the world wonder, “What boon the father had got to beget such a promising son.” (Thirukkural 67 and 70)

Fatherless children become curse to the society

Statistics of modern world show that fatherless children turn against the society. They cause great nuisance to normal life. Fatherless children turn as criminals, drug addicts and violent terrorists. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics, Washington, DC, states that fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, poor educational performance, teen pregnancy, and criminality. You can just verify the alarming statistics of fatherless children to ascertain how terrible it is to neglect the importance of fatherhood in the society.

Let this year’s Father’s Day open the eyes of the world

Let this year’s Father’s Day make the world think of the significance of fatherhood. Let this day make the children love and thank their dads. Let this day of this year make dads to think of their responsible role and become good and affectionate fathers.



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