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Major causes of road accidents

June 12, 2012  by: hepsi  Points: 5   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.08   Views: 754

The major causes of road accidents in India incompetent drivers. Students driving without proper licences.


Major causes of road accidents in India

The major causes of road accidents in India incompetent drivers.

Students driving without proper licences.

While students consider it a pride to start driving early they fail to understand the risk that they are causing to the multitude of people who share the roads with them. In India it has become a fad to go to school on a two wheeler from the 9th standard itself. Parents also take pride in sending their children to school on scooters and motorcycles.

While the law clearly states that you have to drive a vehicle with an appropriate licence, parents turn a blind view to the law. The law enforcement agencies like the traffic police also turn a blind eye to students driving two wheelers, not because they are unaware of it. You cannot miss out on the students who drive in school uniforms. Probably in a corrupt society they feel that they will not benefit monetarily by booking the students. The same agencies literally hound drivers with valid licences on petty charges.

I have come across situations wherein cars driven by students mow down pedestrians and drive away leaving the injured and their family to spend large amounts on medical treatments in the absence of insurance coverage, which is invariably not available as the driver of the vehicle does not hold a valid driving license.

This is a menace worldwide; we need to look at a solution to this problem before it is too late.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/19/2012    Points:4    

Vehicles is for travelling not for circus non me the students or youngsters didn't care about it. I am a person who is not at all interested in race but i like travelling. I know of my friends are using there bikes in more than 60km/h. About 99% of accidents are occured due to careless and taking risk. Some peoples has racing talents i am not criticising them. But they can show there talents in racing matches or other entertainment area. Not in public it will cause both rider and the poor peoples.
This is good information, a small article but contain more valuable things. Keep it up. We have only one life to handle with. If we use it very carefully the person will successed with his life.
Author: Nupur        
Posted Date: 07/06/2012    Points:4    

Yes, this is the usual scenario. Road accidents have become very common these days. Traffic police should get strict with the driving and traffic rules. People driving without a valid license should be fined and punished so that the mistake is not repeated
again. Careless driving results in spot deaths, people bleed to death even before they can be reached to the nearest hospital. The offender drives away in haste and hardly gets caught. There is one life and no one wants to loose it in accidents on road! Nice, informative article.

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