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Unhealthy Lifestyle of Youngsters

June 14, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.15   Views: 1002

Living a comfortable life needs your health to be in good condition, but youngsters of today doesn''t seem to be giving much importance to this factor. Health is wealth and without health, one is nothing


Bad Trend of Staying Indoors

It is really disturbing to see school going kids staying indoors and play computer games or watch TV etc. Parents also support their kids staying at home and feed them with delicious food which is really bad living at that young age. In olden day's, kids had so much fun playing outside and physical exercise was very natural to them and this generation has completely changed that and love staying indoors which does make them more inactive compared to olden day kids who were physically strong and also very active to their age. Parents are also to be blamed here in supporting their kids or even making them stay indoors in most of the cases. So many kids have health problems right in their teen years. This is a growing problem now which has to be addressed earlier than later when it really becomes very difficult to put a full stop.There are so many entertaining activities which keep kids at home. There are many young kids in this world who are over weight !

Love Towards Junk Food

Youngsters seem to be having more love towards junk food as we do see them eating non healthier foods all the time. Though junk foods are more tastier than home made regular food, it is very bad for health and has to be controlled earlier. Students do go for shopping malls for time pass now as most of the time they won't be having any urgent need of purchasing anything and this habit is making them lose more money and also by wasting money on eating junk foods are even spoiling their health. Students do enjoy getting into such activities in their free time and sometimes even by missing regular classes. They always enjoy being with friends and spending time and money on unwanted activities like this. Occasional get together or eating junk food once in awhile is just fine, but regular eating has to be avoided or controlled at any cost for sure and it is the duty of everybody here to create the awareness among people to live a health comfortable life.

Lack of Exercise

It is not only youngsters here, but there are also many matured people around who also love to lead a lazy life b enjoying life as they wish. Meantime, our body needs regular exercise as we start growing up and many people neglect this important factor.During young age, regular activities will get some natural exercise, but after coming out of college life it is really difficult to take out time for everything. Exercising regularly is the need of the hour today as one can keep his body and health in perfect condition by getting involved in regular exercise routine. Though awareness is been created now among
youngsters, they don't seem to have taken it seriously as many of them start well with full spirit and also end up well quite early showing their laziness. Once anyone starts adding body weight, they tend to become more lazier as the day passes on and it is very important to understand this simple fact of life

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/19/2012    Points:5    

Our body, soul,health,wealth all of this are the precious gift of god. So it is our responsibility to take care it.
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/19/2012    Points:5    

For a proper healthy body require good exercise. The most of the children didn't take much care for it. Some of them are interested in outdoor games. But mostly parents didn't allow them.
And also other thing for proper health is the nutritious food the most of the children mostly youngsters are not take vegetables and interested in non veg. The problem is it would not give them proper health but a bag of fat. If we took our body and health in a proper way we can easily fight against diseases. Careless to there own body means they are killing themselves. Our health is a a gift of god. Take care. Health is wealth.

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