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How to save your smart phone battery

June 14, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 1008

Tips to improve your smart phone battery for your daily work.


Smart phone is becoming normal these days. It is like craze to the people and they just want to have one. With this competition the prices of these smart phones also dropping so even common people can also afford one.

Now the main problem with these smart phones is its battery life. It really not stays for long. On that people just love to play games and apps on these smart phones which drain its battery even faster. So the battery problem is the big and the main problem with these smart phones. And believe me I have heard many complain related to it from my friends, so it is true.

Now with help of few majors, we can increase daily battery life of our smart phone. Yes, they are quite common but surely effective. I have seen that many people used to ignore it but that can really make the difference. Let’s see which they are.

Bluetooth and Wifi : Bluetooth and wifi are quite common features. In fact we are using these features almost daily. But people often forget to turn off these features after using them. Believe me remaining them on can quickly reduce your phone battery meter. So make sure that you turn them off after using them. This is quite basic thing but if we follow it, we can surely see the positive results.

GPS service : Just like Bluetooth and wife, GPS service is also quite good. We used to open GPS when we are finding roads and maps. But GPS is the thing which can decrease the battery most. It eats mobile battery very fast. So better we turn off GPS from the settings after using it. Even I was used to turn it on after using it, but from recently I used to turn it off and I have already got positive results from it.

Apps and Games : On smart phones, most of all people are crazy about apps and games. In fact these smart phones are basically made for this purpose. I mean apps and game are quite unique feature on this smart phone. But after playing them do you used to close them? Just pressing the home button directly not means that we closed them. They still keep running at background and decrease battery. So make sure that you are turning them off from the task manager or like that. Background running apps and games is the main reason of draining fast battery of smart phone.

Notifications : Some social apps like facebook and similar, have the options of notifications. These notifications give you updates of your social site status. But for that they use internet and keep running on background. This is also one reason which can reduce the battery fast. So if you are not in need, make sure you off them all.

3g and wifi : Internet is the main and common function of these smart phones. People always use this service for many apps and downloads. But using 3g internet and wifi internet can reduce your battery faster. So make sure that you turf of the 3g function or wifi function after completing your internet session as remaining them on can also reduce your battery faster.

So these are the basic stuffs for maintaining your daily smart phone battery. Just make sure that you are following these basics and I am sure you will notice that your battery is staying alive for long in compare of before. Battery problem is the common problem for smart phones, so every smart phone users should keep these things in mind. Hope this information will be helpful to you.


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How to save your smart phone battery
Tips to improve your smart phone battery for your daily work.


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