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The Incident That Shook Me

June 14, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 739

When i was young, i used to be very naughty and was also very active. I was very daring enough to face up anything at that young age. But one incident really shook me....


Unforgettable Saturday Night

It was a normal Saturday night time for me as i was playing with other kids of my age. My mom was cooking in the kitchen when we all heard a large sound outside our house. Our house was very near to main road and dad ran outside to see what happened. I also ran behind him along with my friends when i saw an accident and a guy was crying in pain. Since it was night time, it was a very scary site for me when i saw that man bleeding and crying in pain. It seems that he was riding in a bike and hit a lorry and he seemed to have lost one leg as we could see his leg separated and blood was all over the place. I immediately cried seeing that as i have never seen such a horrible incident in my life. Since i was just a kid, i could not take it and was continuously crying and two of my friends also joined in crying with me. In sometime, that man was carried on in an
ambulance to a nearby hospital. The place was crowded with so many curious people around and there were also police who struggled to make all the necessary arrangements at this emergency time.

Days After the Incident

That day i couldn't sleep at all as that incident was coming in my dreams and i was almost awake till morning crying once in a while pleading god to save him.My mom understood my condition and tried consoling me in her own way, but could not take out my pain. This incident shook me so much that i used to get slight fever on every year on that day. I was thinking that same incident might happen again as it is the same day and it took me almost six years to come out of this whole situation. Even now, i can remember every bit of that incident. I just hope that person has recovered completely now. My conclusion now is that One should never see such incidents if they are very young as such incidents might hurt them like it did me for such a long long time which might effect kids in all their matters which is really bad. On such situations, even parents cannot do anything much to make their kids recover fast from such horrifying shocks and it is parents responsibility to keep their kids away from such scenarios


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