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Unknown Mystries of Alien Appearance in Earth

June 15, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Space  Earning $0.10   Views: 812

Science has developed to a large extent, but still it is not able to find out answers to some of the possible things in life which is really weird


Report of Alien Presence

Alien existence in earth have been reported long time back, but still science has not been able to give proper explanation to these reports till now. Aliens from other planets are seen in various parts of the world in various times. There are also some weird old alien pictures in the internet, but science has made to believe it as false. Alien presence in earth is felt in many parts of the world time and again and we are not even aware of true story behind it. There are so many unknown planets in our solar system which are not even identified as the distance between planets are too much to count for. People are totally confused as they only get to read these alien stories and not much concrete proofs on this. When there are so many unknown planets around, the chances of life outside our system are quite high and is very much possible that Alien do exist in other planets and might have visited our earth. Scientists have to work really hard to get the real truth on all these things at the earliest.

Aliens Using UFO (Unidentified Flying object) !

I have myself watched some video of UFO's on the internet and it is supposed to be the traveling medium for aliens. It is actually a glorious site to see UFO's flying at tremendous speed. But science has again denied it all the times putting common people in question marks. There are many pictures of UFO's already circulated in the internet world. With so much of news on all these UFO's and aliens doing rounds, is it not possible that these do exist and have visited here ! world should get together in unearthing these mysteries of the world and if they succeed in this, how nice it will be to know so many unknown facts of life and just imagining interacting with people outside our planet earth is quite thrilling for sure. There might be many things we might exchange with so called Aliens and get many benefits in exchange from them. But for all these to come true, world should get united and work towards the common goal of solving these unknown things. It will be actually nobodies credit, but everybody's gain in finding out the real facts of Aliens and UFO's. Hope coming times will give us real hopes of revealing the true facts of life


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