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How to deal with hot summer conditions?

June 15, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.35   Views: 924

This article gives complete and up-to-date information about how to deal with the hot summer conditions. The health related problems and illness that one may come across during the severe hot months are highlighted in this article. Moreover, some useful and handy tips are also suggested in this article to deal with the same. Finally, some important tips are also given at the end to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the summer.


Summer and its affects

Though people living in the hotter regions of the earth have an intrinsic capacity to deal and cope with the hot and sultry conditions of summer but sometimes when the heat is too much it shows its affect on health. In summer one may get affected with heat strokes, heat cramps, heat exhaustion etc. Moreover, tummy related problems are very common in summer. Neither antibiotic nor antiviral could properly ease the problem of diarrhea. There is also a myth that the cold mild solves the problem of gastritis but in reality it only aggravates the problems due to the presence of lactic acid in it. Though the grown ups could bear this hot conditions but children are found to be helpless in such a hot condition. Problems like fever and indigestion affect them very easily. Hence, it is important for one to be aware of how to deal with summer. To deal with summer one needs to be aware of what to eat and how to live properly. The temperature of the body is regulated by the hypothalamus of the brain. It helps the body to maintain a constant temperature without raising or lowering it too much. Once the temperature of the body rises above 40 degree Celsius or 104 degree Fahrenheit different kinds of problems surfaces.

Heat related problems in summer

Different kinds of health related problems and illness occurs in summer. One has to be very careful with these because some of them could even cost one's life. One have to maintain oneself and one's activity to avoid any fatal consequences. One can do so only when one remains aware about the problems that could arise in this hot conditions. For the sake of simplicity of understanding some of the health related problems that may occur due to the rise of body temperature in excess are as given below.

Heat syncope:

In summer, due to heat the blood vessels in the body expands and causes low blood pressure. This results in fainting because of the very movement of the body fluids towards the legs. This can also happen because of doing extrinsic physical labor for two or more hours in the hot summer conditions. The risk of heat syncope increases when one remain dehydrated or have not properly adjusted with the hot conditions. To recover from this one needs to be moved into a cool surroundings where he/she could relax or lay down.

Heat cramps:

Excess amount of salt and water from the body is lost because of too much sweating. This itself results in cramps in the different parts of the bodies like calves and abdomen. To prevent this condition a lot of fluids and electrolytes should be consumed on a regular basis. Besides, eating potassium rich foods help one to get relieved from this condition.

Heat exhaustion:

The human body cools down through the process of sweating and evaporating of the same from the body. Sometimes, when this process does not take place properly and the body fails to cool down abruptly then problems of heat illness like heat exhaustion surfaces. This takes place when does too much physical work in a hot condition and the body fails to cool down properly through the process of sweating. The symptoms include vomiting, headaches, weakness etc. Prevention course includes moving the patient into a cool environment and dehydrating with water supplement.

Heat stroke:

Due to the hot condition the body temperature rises more than 40 degree Celsius. The symptoms include headache , vomiting, cramps in the muscles and mental confusion. If it is a medical emergency and the patient needs to be treated properly. The most affected with it are the infants, adults who work out and athletes. The main reason behind this is dehydration and a patient needs to be cooled properly. One needs to avoid extraneous physical activities in the hot conditions.

How to deal with summer?

*. First, it is important to avoid moving out in the sun from 11am to 4pm. If one cannot avoid moving out then it would be a good idea to take some rest in between in the shades and cool environment.

*. One needs to avoid those works which demand too much of physical labor during the mid day.

*. One needs to use umbrella, cap, hat, scarfs to protect oneself from the sunshine. It will also help one from falling into heat related illness.

*. If one feels thirsty, only drinking water won't help the cause much. One needs to add a bit of salt, sugar or lemon juice into the water before drinking.

*. Drinking normal water, glucose water and soft drinks would help to quench your thirst but since these does not contain enough salt one may develop cramps in the different parts of the body.

*. Avoid drinking colored water or ice water that are available at the sides of the roads.

*. Excellent summer coolers are salted lemon water, jaljeera, and lassie. These does a great job to keep you cool and hydrated for a long time.

*. Before moving out of the house one needs to take along a bottle of salted water.

*. One needs to eat fruits like watermelon, bel (wood apple), sweet lime, mango, pineapple etc. One may even consume their juices which have a lot of health benefits.

Author: Sujay Sen        
Posted Date: 06/16/2012    Points:2    

Onion is good to protect us from heat flu during the summer. So, if possible, anybody can keep half pieces of onion each on his/her underarm while he/she is traveling under the sun, it might give them a good protection from the summer health hazards.
Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 06/17/2012        

Well written article Ajay. Keep posting like this.

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