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5 Twitter tips for the Beginners and Netpreneurs

June 15, 2012  by: Victor N.I  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 1011

Exploring and advertising on Twitter can be fun if you know the rules. Discover 5 tips for success on Twitter over counterparts..


Today, attractive advert write up when carrying out campaigns for your products or services online, especially on Twitter.com can be much simpler than you think. The fact is that no matter how many millions of sites that will ever flood the web, attractive types with rich and informative contents will still draw outstanding traffic. In fact, there is virtually no product or service you will ever want to introduce that has never been known, if not directly, but similar products or services might have been introduced to the world’s online audience. The main point here is competition, survival of the fittest and credibility and that is where I am driving at.
There are so many social sites online that has thousands of daily visitors, typically Twitter. This can be a promising arena but wait, first impressions matters. You would not like a bounce off from people initially following you on Twitter. What you are about to learn will give you an edge over other affiliate marketers on the internet. It is possible that there are other marketers or affiliates advertising the same commodity or service similar to yours but doing a particular thing differently produces exceptional results .


Grab a pen and a notepad now. Please read the following questions and write down the answers on your writing pad. I recommend you write down both the questions and answers. Try and practice them.

1. Who comes to twitter.com?
Tip: write down the categories of people that visits or are using twitter.com.

2. Who has already tweeted or is running the advert am about introducing?

Tip: Here, we try to know the similarity and popularity of such information. This part will require your separate time and thus, you must take your time to study tweets of some selected persons that you think fall into the category of marketers, affiliate referrals and advertisers. The answers depend on the categories you chose. If there are similar tweets or ads, no problems. That is the main essence of this article. This also applies to all other social sites on the web.
If there are similar ads, then answer the following questions.

A. How often do they post tweets?
This gives you insight to consistency. If you leverage on this, then you may attract followers. According to the research I carried out, 60-70 percent of tweets are mobile based. In every 5 minutes, your tweets may stay in the first 5 or 6 timelines. In 10 minutes, you may never see your tweet especially if you tweet from mobile depending on the category of people you follow their tweets, either active or mild tweeters. Constant tweeting is good but may make you drop from quality information as you may not properly check the quality of your tweets just to keep up with timeline. You will do well if any of your followers see your updates each time they login. This is a great advantage. Tweeting every 3 hour intervals is effective but better still every 45mins-2hours intervals is the best. This is because an average user spends at least 30mins on updates, finding people and joining popular posts.

B. How do they tweet?
Tip: There are three main categories of tweets in twitter.com updates.
First, tweets of mass media , tweets with rich content, information and lastly carefree or "jolly" tweets. Advertising any product on twitter effectively should have a combination of the three! You are launching a campaign on any user and so you will have to make your advert tweets cross platform. Study twitter updates of people you follow and see whether you can classify them under these three categories.

3. Which topics attracts my target audience more ?

Tip: You have a group of people you want to capture their attention. Every user does two things, to see updates or to tweet. Seeing a tweet that appeals to them immediately wins their Follow. There are varieties of interest, your aim is to be an informant in any of them like health, food, academics, internet marketing and so on.

4. What is likely the age group of my intended audience?
Tip: This helps you in choice of words.

5. Which part of the world are they likely to be located?
Tip: This depends on your ad type. Whether restricted or free access especially when you target a particular region which may be in need of your product .

This information is handy if you really want to excel on Twitter in your campaign.


The use of hash tagline is an effective method. Be timely on the current trending topic and join. This makes your tweet easily read and always reply or link to users with "@username" . You quickly become popular on the topic you co-trend or always join which attract users interested in that topic or information. You may not want to tweet extremely old information or repeats without changing your words if need be. New updates keeps your followers' interest in your information alive .
Avoid spoofs or false exclamation tweets. You may risk rejects. Be concise in creating links and your first webpage should be attractive , concise yet persuasive.
Advert on Twitter is fun only if the little things you often overlook are fully considered.

Our doubts are traitors that make us to lose the good we may often win by fearing to attempt...William Shakespeare.

Author: Ashraf Ali Khan        
Posted Date: 06/27/2012    Points:1    

Very useful and informative article for twitter users , i like it
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/03/2012    Points:6    

Twitter is not only a place to tweet but it also a fun place and money making area. Tweeting is fun i will als use twitter to tweet new trendy tweets for getting followers. Some of the difference between twitter and facebook is most of the famous personalities are in twitter and also we can understand which account is fake and which is original but in facebook the problem is most of the facebook account is fake and misuse it for there own purposes. There are many peoples which they are using more than facebook account. Twitter is fun and also we can know upto date things that are said by the famous personalities directly. Like wise there are more things which will entertain a person in twitter than facebook but the chatting and posting is not allowed in twitter is the only problem for the users. Hope it come in future.
Good article and keep it up.

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