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What are the things that you don't know about facebook?

June 17, 2012  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.50   Views: 759

Most of the internet users are aware about the facebook and they are using it but no one knows much about facebook rather than chatting and other posts. This article describes about the history ,usage and more about facebook. I found that this is one of the hot topic now a days so i posted it. Hope that you will like it.


Facebook could be a social networking web site. it's worldwide users regarding 901 million are founded in April 2012 and still taking the membership. This social networking web site was founded by Mark Zuckerber along with his friends Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and launched in February four, 2004.

The Facebook has become successive in creating users everywhere the globe. 41.6% of the whole population of the U.S is using the facebook. The members of this site ought to register then solely the one will use this social networking site. The facebook has heap of fascinating activities are there like we are able to share our ideas, thoughts, our photos and conjointly it'll conjointly facilitate in chatting with friends and additional things. And additional over facebook conjointly act as a media were we are able to share news that happen within the surrounding. the foremost of the facebook users are kids and that they pay most of the time in facebook. As a survey found that almost all of the teenagers are using the facebook over fifty hours a month. that the survey named them the facebook adductors.

The facebook isn't just for the entertainment however conjointly it helps in business purpose and conjointly instructional desires Up to 2010 the Orkut was the leading social network however within the starting of the 2011 onwards facebook grown and created a dramatic amendment within the field of net. the rationale for the Orkut disaster is found that in Orkut there's solely scraping system was there and no ways that to talk with others like facebook. thus as a challenge in between 2011 and 2012 the Google Company successfully released a replacement social networking web site 'Google+' however it did not created a hit the maximum amount the facebook. And conjointly another fascinating issue is that the most of the facebook users are registered with the e-mail Id of Gmail.

One way or alternative the facebook could be a sensible supply for the net. the start of the 2012, Indian government tries to banish the facebook and Google from India however they did not successive. This government attempt is owing to the misuse of the users. All most of the net sites have a facebook sign 'Like'. If we tend to like that web site then we are able to show our prefer to our friend. The one among its main use is we are able to add friends and relatives into our facebook Id as friends once they are in on-line or not we are able to sent messages, footage and videos to them. Through facebook we are able to contact to anyone everywhere the globe.

In 2012 the Yahoo Company has fill a case that the facebook was using their copyright and earning the profit. however this issue did not take any amendment or the loss for the facebook. The facebook became one among the simplest social networking sites it's not solely owing to the globe wide users however conjointly there are thousands of pretend accounts are there. there's an age limit for all facebook users the those who are on top of 13years will solely use facebook. The one who using the facebook will produce pages; teams etc and even we are able to play on- line games through facebook. generally some business websites ought to sign on for that we are able to use our facebook account as that sites account.

The facebook users particularly teenagers will add privacy security that permits you safe. If anyone hack your account or add some footage that hurting you'll be able to directly contact facebook authorities. to understand information's and fascinating facts everywhere the globe was happening you only go surfing to facebook. As a media and alternative helpful desires facebook is sweet. do not misuse the facebook.

Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 06/21/2012    Points:1    

Facebook is the hot topic now. But I do not use facebook. So I do not know about it completely.
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/22/2012    Points:4    

Millions of internet users are using facebook as there social network. It is very fun to use. Everyone is thinking that there is only chatting and posting photos,videos or walk post only is the use of facebook. Many of them use facebook as a bussiness and also we can play games through facebook. But there are many fake accounts some fans make thousands of fake accounts of one person(sportsman or film star) Facebook is fun we need to use it carefully because many peoples are cheated through facebook.
Thanks for your response Adi.

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