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Summer stomach problems: A brief insight

June 18, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $2.00   Views: 1487

This article gives a complete information about the summer stomach problems like diarrhea, parasitic disease, hepatitis etc. Besides, some important remedies are also given which needs to be followed in daily life. Finally, useful tips are given on how to leave hale and hearty even in adverse conditions like the hot summer season.



You find yourself in a helpless condition during the hot summer . This year too with the rise in barometer of temperature, you find yourself in a very awkward situation and your health is more affected with this. In summer, you are more affected with stomach related problems like vomiting , diarrhea etc. If these problems reach the stage of acute dehydration then a patient could even die. You may ask now how to understand such problems? Or at what stage you could be aware and try to be careful about these problems? To find out your answers all you have to do is to go through this article.

Summer stomach problems: A brief insight

Though stomach problems are common throughout the year but it is found to be more aggravated in summer. One of the main reasons behind it is the lack of surface water, that is, Rivers, ponds, lakes etc. The extreme temperature dries up these water bodies and huge amount of water is also consumed for agricultural activities. This eventually results in the drain out of surface water. Moreover, there is also the problem of water pollution. The very fact of the presence of germs and impurities in water makes the water polluted and it affects your health adversely. Besides, the presence of arsenic makes the surface water contaminated and diseases like diarrhea, hepatitis, lever failure etc. are very much on the cards.


Diarrhea is one of the most common stomach related disease in summer. One may be found to be affected with this disease if more than three stool passes in a day. The diarrhea that is affecting the people globally is known as viral diarrhea. This type of diarrhea is very much related with Norwalk, adino virus and rotavirus. In viral diarrhea, antibiotics do not work and there is also no effective antiviral to deal with the same. Even if one does not go for a proper medication, this type of diarrhea surpasses within two to three days. Since this type of disease is very much related with vomiting and frequent stool pass, the essential sodium, potassium along with water move out from the human body.

Parasitic disease

Parasitic disease is another very common disease of summer. A parasite is very much like an organism which gets its food from the hosts. It is a very infectious disease which occurs due to the presence of parasites in the human body. The human intestine gets infected and its symptoms include diarrhea, cramp pain in the tummy, blood stool etc. Usually, fever with muscle pain is very common. But if there is less passage of urine together with headaches then this is something very serious.


The third most common disease of summer is the hepatitis. This is very much like a liver infection but it is different from jaundice. If one is affected with hepatitis that does not mean he/she is affected by jaundice too. Sometimes, hepatitis brings with it jaundice also. In summer, hepatitis A and hepatitis E viruses affects the most. One may get affected with it through water. Common symptoms of these diseases are lack of appetite, ache on the right side of tummy, yellowing of eyes, pain in the body, passage of yellow urine, dehydration problems and sometimes diarrhea too. Sometimes passage of yellow urine occurs because of dehydration and not because of hepatitis. This problem could well be controlled by drinking sufficient water.


To get relieved from these conditions one needs to maintain certain simple rules in regular life. First, one needs to carry drinking water bottles along while moving out. It would be more than good if one drinks water after boiling. Drinking water from water purifiers always helps as it purifies and removes the germs from edible water. In this season, drinking tap water should be avoided because these contain some harmful bacteria which could easily move into our body and affect our immune system. One needs to carry at least two liters of water everyday which would be more than enough to meet the body requirement from 11 am to 3 pm. It is in this time period of the day when the water requirement of the body increases and therefore one should drink more water at these hours. Moreover, one should avoid fried and spicy food stuffs which lead to indigestion. One needs to eat something at proper intervals of the day. One should also not keep stomach empty for too much long time as this could result in other problems.

To live healthy and fit

*. Have enough quantities of fruits and fruit juices. You may the have synthetic juices that are available in the market but should avoid cold drinks.

*. Eat foods that are kept in refrigerator by heating them properly. This will remove the growth of bacteria. It would be even better if you eat foods soon after cooking.

*. It is not good to keep your food for too long in the refrigerator. Though the food remains well in the refrigerator but the essential vitamins and proteins in the food gets destroyed around seventy percent.

*. One can drink cold water and cold juices as soon as one takes them out of refrigerator because these help in decreasing the acidity. Many have the myth that in gastritis cold milk helps in getting relieved from pain. This is wrong because the lactic acid in milk only aggravates the problems.

*. In summer, you may find street vendors selling cut of sliced fruits on the road. One needs to avoid buying and consumption of such fruits because these sliced or cut fruits have bacteria and germs over them. Fruits should be eaten as soon as they are cut.

*. It would always be a good idea to avoid eating food stuffs from outside, especially, when one is not sure about the water in which the dishes and utensils are washed.
Similarly, one may be not sure about the papers used by the street vendors to serve the food. In such cases, it would be better if you eat foodstuffs in your own utensils like in your tiffin box.

*. If you cannot warm your food in the office then at least you need to try to bring the food to room temperature before you eat.

*. Do not take food stuffs that are stored in your refrigerator for many days as your tiffin while going to office.

*. Many people are of the opinion that in summer one should avoid intake of eggs, onions, garlic because they only adds up to the body heat and problems in summer. To tell you the truth, there is no solid scientific proof behind this theory. I would rather suggest you to eat boiled eggs, especially the white portion of the eggs by spreading some salt on it.

*. Try as much as possible to wear cotton clothes. Always use light color clothes like white or any other light color in which you are comfortable. Avoid synthetic clothes in this hot condition.

*. Do not enter the air-conditioned room as soon as you come from outside. Rather wait for sometime until you body temperature gets back to a bit of normalcy before entering the air-conditioned room.


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