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Effective Tips That Will Help Your Hair Growth

June 18, 2012  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.10   Views: 1040

You know that there are a few secrets that will actually help the growth of your hair.


The tips might seem to be the regular ones. However, they can turn out to be effective as you practice them overtime. Using a combination of these tips can be fruitful as the hair will benefit from all the kinds of treatment you are providing them with.

Look out for the split ends
Split ends can potentially end the growth of your hair for an extended period of time. The split ends can never be a sign of healthy hair. What you need to do is to trim your hair often. How often? Well, it depends on the rate of your hair growth and the amount of split ends. However, trimming every four weeks would be an ideal schedule.
The extra ends at the hair consume the energy of the hair thereby hampering the growth. Controlling the split ends will devote all the energy towards the growth of one single hair. When done for your entire locks, they will grow at a rapid rate.

Avoid any junk food
Junk food doesn’t do any good to you apart from giving your taste buds a temporary pleasure. Spicy and fried food consumed in a large scale over and over again is capable of doing a long-lasting damage to your hair, at times even permanent. It is also important that you avoid sugary intake as much as possible. Keep yourself away from fatty food too.
That will help your hair grow better if not faster. But if you follow other tips, it will certainly give a boost to your hair growth.

Drink plenty of water
Water has proved to be therapy in itself. Mere water drinking is a solution to a lot of problems in daily life. It is advised that you drink at least eight full glasses of water on a daily basis. At face value, water seems to be an item without any chemical and one can easily doubt its results. However, it is an inseparable ingredient of healthy locks.
Water makes your hair stay in a hydrated position, thereby retaining its shine and bounce. The scalps do not get dry and thus it does not produce any dandruff. Dandruff is a major reason for hair loss. If that problem is solved, you will find your hair growing nice and thick.

Avoid complicated hair styles
Always avoid hair styles that are too complicated to follow. Do not copy someone’s hair style just because you like them. Your hair should permit you to copy that hair style. Also, stay away from habitual hair combing. That will loosen the scalp and increase the hair fall.
On the other hand, if you simply brush your hair to see to it that they do not tangle into each other and simply make a conventional lock, it will keep the scalps firm. It will thus provide the necessary ingredients through the hair scalp and boost their growth.

Use oil for massage
As massage is important to the body, it is equally vital for the hair as well. A massage done with the correct oil can most certainly help the hair growth. There is hardly any doubt in this. The scalp needs a regular massage with oil for at least ten minutes on a daily basis.
If the oil is mixed with herbs it will augment the hair growth tremendously. If the same is done over a longer period of time, it will have long-lasting effects. Use your fingertips with a little pressure so that the oil will get absorbed into the scalps nicely.

Let them unfastened
Always keeping the hair fastened will loosen up the tresses overtime as the ends get pulled. The best way is to let the locks flow freely. It will allow the scalps to be on their own, which should be the best things for the hair. It will also allow the hair to have a more natural look. The more natural hair you keep, the better it will be for their growth.
You have to take care that the loose hairs do not get entangled. Otherwise, setting them straight again with a comb will increase the hair fall.

Use the right shampoos
As the natural ingredients to boost hair growth like food or water are effective, you might also want to use shampoos with natural ingredients. If you wash your hair with such shampoos, it will wash away all the dirt accumulated at the scalps and the skin of your hair. The scalps will feel a breath of fresh air and will come back to life.
Such lively scalps will also react to other natural treatments like positively. Never use shampoos with harsh chemicals as they will augment the hair fall rate. Do not wash your hair more than what is required. Three times a week is okay.

Boost the immune system
Boosting the immune system is the best thing to happen to the body. If you have healthier tresses, it means your immune system is functioning on the correct lines. On the other hand, if your immune system is working correctly, it will help the hair growth. Both are counter-related.
You may need to improve your immune system with the help of medicine or Ayurvedic ginseng like Ashwagandha. A healthy immune system can hasten the hair growth.

Say good-bye to stress
Stress and hair growth can never go hand in hand. To have a steady hair growth, it is important that you live a stress-free life. There is a parallel link between stress and hair growth, which has been proved by the research. People who are always under pressure or stress have a higher rate of hair fall. This can go on to cause baldness in men as well.
So the message is crystal clear. Steer yourself away from stress. A life free of stress and depression will show positive results in hair growth. A sleep of at least six to eight hours should help you relieve of stress to an extent.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/22/2012    Points:5    

Hair has a very important role in ones beauty. But most of the peoples loss there hair by naturally or by artificial it is because of the carelessness to there hair. If we care our hair properly then it will become more stylish. We need to care when we use a shampoo or oil because nowadays so many artificial duplicate shampoos and oils are available. Natural oil is the best to use on hair especially coconut oil. Before buying a shampoo or a oil we need to know that if that company can show you 100% fulfill customers and trusted company certificate. If we use any artificial by the help of only advertisement then don't trust.
Very good article. Cool topic selection. The tips and ideas is good. Keep it up.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 06/28/2012    Points:2    

Thanks Joseph for your extended view on the article. I also believe in what you said and that I also agree with you 100%. I have my own example in front of me. I neglected my hair in the last four to five years and had to face the music. However, these days I am very attentive towards them.

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