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Is Selfishness Here to Stay !

June 19, 2012  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 688

People have become more and more selfish these day''s and it is not only irritating, but also very bad to the whole world as people are looking into their own things now.


Old People With Good Heart

In olden day's, world was very beautiful and the people were also very hard working at those times. Moreover those olden day people were never having any selfish character like the people of today and that is why the people living in at that age were more happier than us today. Today we have all the problems in the world and the most huge problem which is alarmingly dominating all problems is population and terrorism. People's mind are polluted today with all the bad things. The people of today don't even count to the sentiments of others as they have become more selfish and look into their own things and may be sometimes at the cost of others which is really very bad. Sometimes i do hear to old real time stories from my grand father and i do get to feel times of olden day's and their life. World was really beautiful with less pollution and also population was not alarming like it is now. More importantly people of those times were just loving each other and not hating like today. It was good to hear them share each others happiness as well as sadness equally and god also might be wishing the same thing. God has created this world to see people living happily without harming each other and more importantly he has definitely given one wonderful opportunity to experience life in a wonderful joyous way which many people are not realizing and get involved in unwanted activities with selfish characters which is actually dividing people. How nice it would be if people are united instead of seeing people divided now !

Changes all Over the World

World is facing problems of different kinds, still they are not united as we do see countries fighting against each others for their own benefit without thinking much on other countries around. Powerful countries does seem to be dominating over other poor countries which is very bad. Firstly, there should never have been any poor or rich here and it is only because of the attitude of rich countries towards the poor things are getting deteriorating. It is not only countries, but this is also there with rich people living in this beautiful world who are also making this gap between poor and rich very large and it is not at all good for anyone living in this god's world. World needs changes and only when people are getting rid of their cruel mind , actual good things will prevail in this world. Till then, world will suffer and we can only keep our hope as
that is the only thing in this world which never changes. Firstly politicians all over the world should analyze the situations effecting the world and think deeply clearing their dirty mind. These politicians can make a huge difference to the whole world for sure and we as common citizens living in this god's world can only fight for it or hope for good changes in this world. Anyone would love to live in this peaceful world like it was in the olden day's. Nothing remains permanent in this world except changes and so we all can hope and pray that all bad things of this world will come to an end sooner than
later and we can live happily again


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