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Education for whom

June 20, 2012  by: Joseph  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 668

The value of education is not only learn about the knowledge but to learn about characters also. This article says about the importance and the problems between teachers and students.


Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. None dares to dwell in the dark but loves to live in the light. Education is the virtue which remotes ignorance and brightens the soul. One is educated formally or informally former one can be got from schools and colleges.

While the latter from other sources like books,media and practical life. We are living in an age of anxiety,sophistication, and mechanized civilisation. We gave neither rest nor peace. Life has become a guru for the unattainable. Only the right way of education can lead us to get rid of the wilderness we are in. Through formal education, one realises the changes that have come over in this field or the last hundred years. It has an admirable tradition from the dawn of history. In the past,teachers were expected to be Apostle Wisdom and their words were well attended to. In antiquity teachers could teach their pupils what they thought effective and relevant. They could do it without being hampered by any external influence. But today teachers cannot inculcate students what they think important and essential but to instill into them the views and prejudices as one thought useful by their employers. Here kids the difficulty that a modern teacher confronts.

Socrates in the second century B.C taught his contemporaries to think and question their elder false beliefs and superstitions and to correct them. It was country to the beliefs of those who held orthodoxy firmly. They approached the legal authorities and the Athenian Court's Verdict War to give him capital punishment. Thus Socrates War put to death by being forced to drink the extract of hemlock. Thus I say is to disclose the truth that the teachers cannot teach anything except what they are asked to. A teacher should be tectonic, exultant affectionate, dynamic,cumulative,high spirited, eloquent and reliable in every sense. He is aimed au students courage, confidence,enthusiasm,curiosity,inquisitiveness and what is best in everything even when a student is found full headed he can do it in slow process.

A student should be am admirable model of behaviour. He is supposed to be studious tireless,elate,dynamic,needy,talented and above all intelligent. He is not expected to remain shut us within marrow domestic walls castism,relig and political fanaticism geographical boundaries,linguistic prejudices,class divisions,colour of the skin,social status and the thought of being poor or rich. A teacher is expected of making a student a worthy citizen. He should make the student award of the hard realities of life. Beware of the truth that "life is not a bed of roses, it is full of thorns" Life cannot always be as one supposes. Despondency, sorrows,sufferings adverse circumstances and unfortunate happenings may occur in one's life. The right type of education can make one prepare to face it.

Finally,as a piece of advice to the student's community, I recommend to them to have a role model of virtues such as honesty,non violence,courage,confidence,enthusiasm,intelligence hard work, determination an firm faith in life Let me suggest them(i am also including) an easy means to show cent percent devotion to study. When one feels inactive, inert, indolent, lazy,drowsy, and tired of studying let one's peacocks wings of imagination fly. Then one can reach an assylm when one can find comfort,pleasure. There one can be raptuarous and exalted. The value of education is to taught the value of life. The education is not only for the studies but also learn about life.


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