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A helpful guide on depression

June 20, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $2.50   Views: 737

This article gives complete and up-to-date information on depresssion. It also explains the symptoms and reasons associated with the same. Besides, it also provides some useful remedy or solution to deal with the same.



The summary of depression is itself concealed in the word depression and there is no end of discussions centering on depressions. Though there are many solutions of depressions available around but the topic of the topicality is that it is increasing by leaps and bounds and affecting humans like any other infectious disease. Hence, the people affected with depressions are found to be large in number and this figure is increasing more and more.


Through depression diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sleeplessness or insomnia, blood pressure, cancer and many other complex diseases creep up on to the surface. Even there has been a steep rise in the suicide rate very recently. Well, the question now is how to find out if one is affected with depression? Though depression may affect one without one’s knowledge about the same but there are some symptoms which help in finding out if one is affected with the same.

Symptoms of depression

Given below are some of the symptoms of depression which would help one to find out and detect if one is affected with depression. A close look and keen observation will reveal one or more than one symptom among the people who are affected with it. It would also help in proper diagnosis and self realization to get rid of the same.

Frequent changes in mood: Frequent changes in mood takes place which indirectly affects one’s behavioral characteristics to a great extent. One may feel happy at the morning followed by sadness in the afternoon and a gush of anger in the later evenings. Today one may feel happy but tomorrow the situation may be a bit gloomier or clumpy.

Lack of potential to discover life: One may remain in dilemma about his/her own life and thus fail miserably in the discovery of one’s life. Sometimes negative thoughts like life is all about meeting with complete failures creep up in the mind while at other times it seems to be quite ok and rolling on.

Hatred towards one’s life: Useless thoughts may sidle like “I would have achieved more from life or I would have succeeded more but I failed miserably” surrounds one’s thought and imagination. Besides, thoughts like “how long will I have to carry on my life?” may get into one’s nerve.

Giving more importance to other’s opinion: While It is good to give importance to other’s thoughts and opinions but it is not advisable beyond and extent. In depression, one tends to give more importance to what others have to say about certain things and circumstances. If someone speaks out something which one likes everything seems to be fine and rosy but if something is spoken otherwise it may trigger enough to arouse one’s anger which may give an ugly turn to events.

Chemical changes: For useless thoughts a lot of chemical changes take place in the body of person affected with depression which indirectly may affect one’s health very badly.

Psychological phobia: One may go through a series of mental phobias like fear from darkness, fear from a particular animal or insect, fear from water etc.
Lack of concentration: Due to the lack of encouragement one may find aversion and dislike in the work one does. In spite of being blessed to with the capability of doing better work one may not feel likes to work. One may get lost into the world of laziness and may not even feel like to participate in activities like playing games or any other such activities which involve active participation.

Certain behavior types are a sign of depression: Certain behavior types like not being eager to take bath, not being eager to eat foods in time or not willing to wear clean clothes are other symbols of depressions.

Sleep: One who is affected with depression may sleep very little at times while at other times one may find them sleeping throughout the day.
Hormonal changes: Certain hormonal changes within the body because of increasing age etc. may result in temporary depression.

Too much want: Person affected with depression has a very long want list. After fulfilling a particular want he/she may crave for another want to be fulfilled and it goes like this throughout the phase of depression.
Love: Not getting success in love may lead one to other alternative habits like smoking, drinking etc. This is due to depression.

Anger: If things do not go along according to one’s expectation it may result in anger. This in turn harms the adrenal gland and capillary tubes which later gets one to be affected with depression. Sometimes, anger could result in unwanted accidents. Hence, anger very easily paves the way for depression.

Emotion: Being emotional is good but being too much emotional is not at all desirable. This is simply a symptom of depression. An emotional person tries his/her best to get others attraction but when fails to do so he/she may get affected with depression.

Suicide: The very feeling of attempting suicide arises from depression. When depression reaches its climax or perhaps reaches its last stage it may compel one to commit suicide.

Who is responsible for depression?

The fact about depression is that it could affect anyone irrespective of any age. It could affect a boy, girl, student, baby and even an aged person. But who is responsible for it? Well, the nail biting truth is that we ourselves are more responsible for it rather than any other factors. For a baby, boy or a girl the father and mother may be responsible for their depression. For an aged person, may be the family, and society is responsible for it. Since depression is more of a psychological disease one needs to understand and detect it early and take the necessary steps to protect oneself from it. Moreover, if once the reasons behind depression is detected properly then with the help of doctors it can be hundred percent curable. Besides, through counseling and regular exercise depression can be cured in a methodical way.

Remedy (solution)

Well, there are problems but together with it there are remedies for the same. There are various ways through which one may get rid of depression. Some of the most effective ways to deal with depression are as mentioned below:

1. One should take care to live in a happy and cheerful mood as long as possible.

2. One needs to accept defeat as easily as one welcomes win. One need to remember the simple equation of life, that is, happiness and sadness are just the two sides of a same coin and one has to move along with it.

3. Change in the way one thinks is most desirable. One needs to keep away from stray thoughts of fear etc. One needs to talk to oneself to keep patience and to change oneself rather than on wasting time on changing others.

4. Every one has some positive and negative. One should avoid putting on oneself too much stress and thinking about only negatives for this is going to lead one nowhere in the end. Hence, one should also take out time and make efforts to see one’s positives.

5. Self counseling is the key factor and finally before going to bed for sleeps one needs to check up one’s account of daily activities and plan regularly and accordingly.

6. One needs to check and control one’s psychology. One needs to remember the fact that one should not be under the control of one’s psychology but the psychology should be under one’s control.

7. One should not allow others to interfere with one’s matter until and unless one wants others to interfere with it. One need to be strong, firm and determined mentally.

8. One should chase one’s dream and aim with patience being aware of the fact that acceptance and rejection are very much part and parcel of life.

9. The youngsters need to have a firm head on their shoulders and use it wherever possible to uplift their self values and morale.

10. It is important to live a simple life and be simple from heart to get rid of depression. One should try to remove the word “impossible” from one’s life dictionary.

11. Good values and positive thoughts would go a long way to get relieved from depression.

12. Two keywords to cure depression is to ‘forgive’ and ‘forget’. If one could follow it successfully in one’s life there would be no situations of depression in one’s life.

13. One should leave the complex calculations of life in the hands of almighty God and try to lead a relaxed and hassle-free life.

14. One should never try to pay heeds to words more than the normal limits. Similarly, one should not try to look beyond things after a certain point.

15. It is also important to control one’s anger and do corrections wherever possible In one’s life. Sometimes, it is better to accept one’s fault and defects rather than indulging in useless quarrels.

16. It is important to think well, feel good and do well to others for it is one of the keys to get rid of depression successfully. One should try to have a big heart and do well even to one’s enemies.

17. One should not take things for granted that everything should work according to one’s like. It is important at times to break one’s ego and accept the reality.

18. Respect should be given to everyone irrespective of the fact that one is younger or older in age.

19. Some of the other mediums of depressions are televisions, internet and cell phones etc. Hence, one should use these things within limits. Too much of these things would create a wall of depression in and around you.


One could get back to a normal life from depression through medication, counseling, yoga, paranaya etc. One needs to be positive in one’s approach and take the positive initiative to excel today rather than getting swayed away with the with the evil waves of depression into the sea of death. Hence, arise and try to shine today and try to hold the steering of your life and guide it towards the path of happiness so that you can glide away smoothly in the uneven ways of life.

Author: Swethashenoy        
Posted Date: 06/22/2012    Points:1    

That is really nice article on depression.

I liked the points you mentioned on the ''remedy''

Keep up the good work!
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 06/22/2012    Points:2    

Welcome Swethashenoy!!!

Nice to meet you here and thanks for your inspiring comment. Comments like this always helps one to move ahead and perform even much better in the future.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 06/22/2012    Points:2    

Duplicate deleted.

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