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Tips for Remaining physically and mentally healthy !

June 21, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.10   Views: 975

Here are some useful tips that help you smile through your difficult periods in life , keep mental balance and remain healthy


There are many who believe that it is not easy to stay healthy in life all the time , given the problems one faces and the daily grind that decreases energy levels and increases stress levels.
However, if we take the time to look around ,there are so many ways to find inspiration in our daily life and it definitely does not require a lot of money or time.Most importantly, one has to open out one's mind and eyes and choose to see life, and life’s natural wonders, in a new light , and in a new perspective to remain positive and healthy all the time !Living a healthy,long life needs more than just following a list of things to do or avoid.To fight a disease after it has occurred is like digging a well when we are thirsty !The path to prevention of disease is also the way to Complete Well Being..

Here are some useful tips that help you smile through your difficult periods in life , keep mental balance and remain healthy !

1,Take time to think and introspect

It definitely helps us when we take a few minutes from our busy schedule to observe nature, meditate, introspect,clear our head, have a good laugh or simply relax. Look up into the sky on a bright day and observe birds in flight. Read a book that interests you or read some inspirational quotes that help you to believe in the magic of life.It is wise and useful to remember that the biggest problem in the world could have been solved when it was small.
There is a famous saying ‘ A stitch in time saves nine “ – which proves the point that when we tackle a problem right at the beginning , it gets solved quickly , which if left without solving can become bigger and more complicated. Most people fail to do this and hence go through a lot of problems at a later stage .

We simply cannot do everything that we intend to all the time. All that is going to happen is that we drive ourselves to exhaustion in doing so.It is better to stop treating life as if it is an emergency and constantly zip around meeting deadlines. At some stage your body and mind is going to protest and give up if this life style continues.
So, the solution is to cut back and take things easy.It has been noted that energy flows are at their highest when we are engaged in some demanding tasks that take up our concentration , require total absorption and attention and it is at its lowest when you are engaged in passive activities like watch Tv , read a book or browse the net.

2, Be positive and optimistic

An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere. The pessimist sees only the red light even when change for the better is evident and there is hope that things will not remain the same.Most pessimists tend to make everyone around them think negative and become pessimists like themselves . A pessimistic attitude in life can easily lead to depression and deep unhappiness that can have far reaching effects on one's family life and relationships.When we analyze our days activities impartially we are able to rectify our mistakes and also appreciate other peoples deeds..

3, Make a list of things

A person who is able to smile through his/her difficult period in life is able to keep his mental balance and stay inspired to do better in life.It helps to Make a list of things you would love to do if you had the time, money, and energy. Every day, allow yourself to daydream that they all come true! goal setting and motivations are two factors that inspire and help individuals to succeed.

4,Increase your functionality

Almost everybody agrees that getting more exercise and indulging in physical activity is the best way of reducing your risk of contacting chronic diseases.In fact, much of what we associate with old age and frailty is also actually the result of disease and prolonged illness.As with any skill or craft we lose our ability and functionality without practice. Thus, in life we must with sustained effort keep on moving.It has been told that after the age of 35 ,remaining functional is a priority - use it or lose it !

Health and function are inseparable. A healthy body is one that is working well , so too a healthy leg,healthy brain,intestine etc etc..since , they each of these is an organ that performs its dedicated duties. In fact, nature has blessed us with more than what we need to survive and function - two eyes,two ears,two lungs,two kidneys, when we can easily function with one.

5,Prevention is certainly better than cure

Prevention involves making the effort to remain as far above the levels of deterioration , where the functionality of our bodies are concerned.Here, we can say that ' Enhanced function facilitates Preventions is accomplished by good preventive maintenance thereby avoiding the trouble and expense of being sick.Health and the extra margin that we get by increased fitness trumps illness in great measures.

Another major factor is the mental well being of an individual which is as important as the physical well being.Man is a social animal and our social life too is determined by our health.Remaining socially engaged - meaning to be in balance with ones entire environment is being in a state of complete well being.No matter what our age , our physical and psychological well being also depends on us remaining socially engaged and doing things that we are passionate about and interacting with others.This prevents loneliness and boredom and increases our feeling of well being which in turn increases the flow of Endophin, which is known to boost our immune system.

6, Lower your risk factors in life

Some of the risk factors that we can easily identify are Tobacco use, Unhealthy diet, Alcohol and Drug abuse, Stress ( including environmental stresses), Lack of physical exercise and activity among others..

While most health care professional will agree that No Tobacco use is the best preventive practice, it is not possible to prescribe exactly what is the best diet that is most beneficial to us , since it differs from region to region again depending on life style and needs.This could also be said of Alcohol and drugs since opinions are divided as to what is the permissible limit and what is not. In fact, in recent years many drugs and alcoholic products considered harmful have been found to benefit us and our immune system when taken within certain limits .

However, Physical activity is one factor where one need not draw a line - more the physical activity better for our system .

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/24/2012    Points:7    

Balancing mentally and physically in all condition is not an easy thing because we are facing new problems day by day. My opinion is for balancing mentally and physically the best way is exercise which will increase our confidence and balance our body healthy. Eating nutrisious food and drinking plenty of water which will keep you strong. The strong and confident mentality is come from the food that we take. And another thing is be always think positive most of the people they are always think negative which is like an impossible. Be mentally prepared to face any problem in the life or professional life. Keep our life safely which means taking drugs will always destroy the person. Meditation is the best way to make our mind cool and loving the nature also make a peace and a powerfull feeling in the mind. If we do all this think we will always be a successfull personality.
Good topic selection and very good and usefull article. Keep it up.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 06/25/2012    Points:2    

Thanks a lot for the feed back Joseph,you have mentioned some very valid points.Mental health and physical health are interconnected and it is only when both are balanced that a person can be termed as being healthy !

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