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Reaching a high peak in Redgage on the longest day of the year

June 21, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 549

This is the first day of summer after it has been officially kicked off by the summer solstice. June 21 is said to be the longest day of the year. In many parts of the world, summer solstice is observed with rituals and great joy.


June 20-21 of every year usually marks the day of summer solstice, which is the official beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The day of summer solstice is said to be the longest day of the year. It has great significance in cultures and religions. In many places this day is observed with religious rituals.

Popular websites of the writing world

Today, I am lucky to share with my friends and well wishers the happiness of reaching a high peak of uploading my 1500th post in the website Redgage and 723rd post in Expertscolumn. Both are popular sites today, growing by leaps and bounds and attracting thousands of honey bees interested in writing. Both sites enjoy popularity from people all over the world. They encourage creativity and writing skill of thousands of budding writers. The feedbacks these two sites get daily can reveal the growing popularity of the sites.

My summer soulstice on the longest day

I am extremely happy that I could reach these peaks in my writing career. I dedicate gratefully this achievement to these websites, Expertscolumn.com and Redgage.com. Both are dear to my heart, where I spend many hours of my day. Of course, the longest day of the year is occupied in spending most of my time in enjoying these sites. I wish to see many more solstice days of my writing career. I hope you all will join with me and encourage my writings.

Summer solstice has been a day of rituals

From ancient days, summer solstice day has been observed with rituals and celebrations. The ancient Egyptians, who hail sun as their supreme god, built their Great Pyramids based on the principles of summer solstice. After this day, the sun, who reaches his highest point in the Northern Hemisphere on the summer solstice day, returns towards the south.

Thank you friends
On this auspicious day, I could achieve my 723rd posting in Expertscolumn and 1500th uploading in Redgage. I extend my hearty thanks to the organizers of Expertscolumn and Redgage and, of course, to all those who read and enjoy my writings and picture uploads. Let me hope for better relationships and better days. I extend my loving regards to all those who come across this post. Thank you.



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