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How to Pass a College Math CLEP Test

June 24, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Maths  Earning $0.60   Views: 572

How to Pass a College Math CLEP Test? Here are some good tips and suggestions.


CLEP is the College-Level Examination Program that awards college credit at many colleges and universities through a computer-based exam. A satisfactory score gives an equal amount of credit compared to a student who completes the same course in a college. All CLEP exams are online and are for ninety minutes. The multiple choice questions are easy to crack as they are from the material taught in the first two years of college. Most of these exams focus on one-semester courses; however some correspond to a full year or two-year courses. Since the test is computer administered, one gets his scores immediately after the test. CLEP offers thirty three exams in five subject areas, one of which is College Math CLEP Test.

The College Math CLEP Test is worth six college credits. The question paper consists of eighty multiple choice questions. The best part of this exam is that it does not contain advanced mathematics. Most of the questions are usually straight forward and the others require application of specific concepts. These tests are grouped into various sections as below.

Algebra and Geometry

This is the first and foremost part of the math test. Concepts include: logarithms and exponents, concepts of algebra and geometry, mensuration, Pythagorean Theorem and properties of triangles, rectangles and circles.

Functions and graphs

The second part of the test consists of domains and range, composition of functions and inverse functions.


This section comprises of the very basic Venn diagrams, union and intersection, sets, subsets and Cartesian product.


This segment includes truth tables, conjunctions, hypotheses, conclusions, converse, inverse and contrapositive, disjunctions and negations.

Real number system

Easy concepts such as prime, real, odd and even numbers, factors of divisibility, rational and irrational numbers and open and closed intervals are covered in this section.

Probability and statistics

This segment comprises of permutations and combinations, computation of simple conditional probability, standard deviation, mean mode and median.

How to pass the College Math CLEP Test:

One has to be well acquainted with the question paper pattern prior to learning math. To excel in this exam, thorough knowledge of mathematical concepts and their application is very essential. As seen above, the topics covered are not very difficult, one must have learnt them already, and they are nothing new. One can avail valuable teachings through various websites and also through texts books, authored by authors with impeccable knowledge. Simple practice tests, easy to understand methodology, valuable tips, step by step solution and significant glossary are the basic yet essentials that comprise the study material.

Importance of CLEP exam:

Compared to college tuition and text books, the exam fee is way too affordable. It is a time saving exam, as all the questions asked have already been learnt by the student, there are no new concepts asked. It is a great way to advance studies owing to the credits backing this exam. With multiple choice format and easily accessible study guides, these exams are ideal for people who want more credits and for those who have no time to attend regular college.


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