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Learn How To Cure Your Anxiety Attacks

June 25, 2012  by: Lata  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 736

This article will tell you in general how to deal with anxiety attacks and make necessary lifestyle changes to overcome anxiety.


Learn How To Cure Your Anxiety Attacks

We are very good at counseling others when they face anxiety attacks. But, when we are in a similar situation, we are too shocked and want to learn how to deal with anxiety by using proven strategies, as soon as we can. Though each victim's case is unique and there is no single method to cure all kinds of attacks, there are enough quick-fix methods to cure anxiety attacks permanently. At the outset, you need to understand your problem thoroughly and believe that a certain therapy will work in your favor. Only then you shall benefit from the treatment. Or else, getting in touch with an experienced professional and obtaining proper treatment would be the right thing to do.

Face your fear with an open mind

One proven way of treating anxiety attacks is to understand what causes anxiety attacks in the first place. Facing your fear face-to-face is one way of combating it. In other words, when you learn to face your fear, you shall not try to avoid it or run away from it but you will learn to handle it bravely without cringing at the thought of it. By looking at your fear in the face, you are able to laugh away your blues and not miffed by it.

Whenever you experience anxiety of some sort, do not allow it to bog you down but look at nicer things to do instead. This will help you overcome your anxiety sooner than you think. Dwelling on your anxiety will only make matters worse, lead to self-pity and consequently delay treating panic disorder. Doing something you truly enjoy will take away your mind from what troubles you. Consider this situation. If you have done something wrong and are feeling extremely guilty, do not wallow in self-derision, but send a sorry note immediately and notice how good you feel about it.

Please try to understand that there is no shame in considering the advice of experts in the field when you suffer from anxiety attacks. Seeking professional advice will surely help you in alleviating your problem in a systematic manner. If you are asked to take antidepressants, do have them by all means for the stipulated period. Remember your doctor knows what will work for you.

Once you realize how to cope with your anxiety, you will be a happier person as you will be in a position to tackle it any time, regardless of its seriousness. You will not be running away from it or resent it, but you will learn to face it and dismiss it without letting it affect your senses. The choice is entirely yours. You may choose to take your mind away from the problem or seek guidance from professionals to combat the problem. Both are known to work equally well.

There are many among us who tend to worry endlessly about some aspects - it could be about our kids, spouse, our own personal problems or anything else -, which gradually cause anxiety attacks that could get worse with time. Such attacks take complete control of the individual leading to frenzied behavior and paranoia that is fear of death. Such individuals can take recourse to medications that are generally used to dispel anxiety so that situation does not aggravate or go out of control.

Some useful hints to cure anxiety

The very first step towards curing anxiety would be to find the true cause of the anxiety that leads to severe stress in a person. The cause could be anything, a trivial family or office issue or a more serious one like a death in the family, separation from partner or loss of job. Once the cause is identified, the individual must learn to assess the pros and cons and segregate the problems into smaller parts in the order of priority so that they can be handled easily. Trying to understand that things could have become worse than what they are, is one positive aspect on the road to recovery.

Next, when a person learns to relax well, he or she has already conquered half the battle in tackling anxiety. The first step of relaxation is to learn the art of breathing correctly, more so when you are stressed. Instead of taking sharp and short breaths from the chest - in place of gasping and panting -, one should try to take deep and slow breaths from the diaphragm. Such deep breaths - apart from ensuring sufficient oxygen supply to vital organs - will give you enough time to relax and look at your anxiety in a practical manner. Practice this method if you want to look for anxiety treatment without medication.

When you fully master the art of breathing, you can also learn to relax various parts of your body, which is very important to cure anxiety. You may adopt any of the various ways of doing it from an expert, who will teach how to relax each part one after the other. Working out when you are feeling anxious is another way of combating and curing anxiety. Your fears are allayed and your burst of emotional energy is put to better use in the form of relaxation for your body. Also, work outs can make you mentally calm by releasing certain neurotransmitters called endorphins. And quite naturally, when you are mentally calm, you are able to assess any situation with suitable maturity and deftness.


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