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Ramanujan- the man of mathematics

June 25, 2012  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 1340

Ramanujan is known as the greatest mathematician of modern India. This article explains about a short details about him. I am proud of him about his all achievements in mathematics.


Srinivasa Ramunujan, who is widely known as the greatest mathematician of the modern India. He was born on 23rd December 1887 at Erode, Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu . He was very talented in mathematics in his school days itself. He is totally different from other children he always do calculations in his free times while other children are playing. He interested in reading mathematical text books of the college while he while in the high school. He also clear the doubts of the college students in mathematics. But he was not at all good at other subjects though he was very good in mathematics.

He was not promoted in his F.A examination as he failed to get enough marks in other subjects. As a luck with the help of some of his friends, he got a chance.to communicate with the world famous mathematician G.H Hardy, in England. G. H Hardy was surprised to see the Ramanujan's theorems and discoveries in Mathematics and invited him to England.

He was awarded for his talent in 1916 by the University of Cambridge giver B.A degree and he was ejected as a fellow of Trinity college in 1918. As from here onwards Ramanujan became a famous to the world and proud for India. Several other honours are also waited him for the achievements that he made in the history of Mathematics. He became the first Indian mathematician to become a fellow of Royal society, London.

During his stay with Hardy in England an incident took place to the birth of the famous Ramanujan number. Once Hardy came to visit Ramanujan as he was lying ilk. Hardy accidentally pointed out that the registration number of the cab he traveled was 1729 and it was a multiplier of 13, which was known to be an unlucky number and due to this unlucky number he had misfortune to see him in sick bed. But Ramanujan immediately replied it was a very interesting number and it was the smallest number expressible as the pun of two cubes in two different ways. This proved his substantial knowledge and mathematical abilities in dealing with numbers. And the number is called as Ramanujan number.

He contributed many theorems and shows his mathematical talent to the world. He was a man of mathematics. But unfortunately Tuberculosis caused and became a patient due to the bad weather and diet in England. He died of acute tuberculosis in Madras on 22 December 1920.

He gave so much steps to the mathematical world and the growth of scientific world.


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Ramanujan- the man of mathematics
Ramanujan is known as the greatest mathematician of modern India. This article explains about a short details about him. I am proud of him about his all achievements in mathematics.


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