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Surf privately in different Browsers

June 25, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.75   Views: 526

Surf your sites privately, no other people will able to know about your work.


Private browsing mode is good feature for those who don’t like to store their history and other details in to their browsers. Private Browsing is the mode using which we can surf sites in private mode. This feature is becoming quite popular and almost all browsers are adopting this feature in their latest versions. I am not sure but I guess Google Chrome has given this feature first time but now we can see it in almost all popular browsers.
More detail about this mode:

As I said above, we can surf sites in private mode using this feature. It means when we activate this mode in any browser, the browser will not store any kind of data in it. Browsers always used to store data like visited sites, passwords and other details. But after activating private mode in browser, it will not store any kind of data. After closing the private mode browser will clean all those sites data we visited in private mode. So this feature can be very useful for those who don’t want to show other people what they do on internet. So if we having one computer between more people, this feature can be really helpful.

Now let’s see how we can activate this private browsing mode in some popular browsers.

Google Chrome : I am not sure, but I guess Google have introduced this feature first time. And after that it gain lots of popularity that other browsers also adopt it. Google Chrome has named this private browsing mode ‘incognito mode’. Meaning of Incognito is under cover. So it is like that. Using this mode you are like under cover.

To activate this mode in this browser, you need to click on ‘New incognito window’ from the settings. This will open separate window with information about this mode. Now you can start surfing on this window. Now when you will close this window, that private mode will be off automatically by removing all the details about surfing in that session.

Mozilla Fire Fox : Firefox has named this feature ‘private browsing’. The name is quite simple but the functionality is just same as chrome. To open this mode in firefox, click on menu and select the ‘Start Private Browsing’. This will open private mode on the same window. You will see the different color of menu and others with the starting screen of private mode. Now you can start surfing on it. After completing your work you can off this mode from the menu by selecting ‘Stop Private Browsing’ from the menu again. This will turn you firefox just like before. Now all data you surfed on private mode will be erased.

Internet Explorer : I guess not many people are using this browser. But still it is quite good and introducing new features just like other browsers. In this browser the name of the private mode is ‘InPrivate Browsing’. You can open this mode from tools from above menu. After enabling this feature you will get separate window for private surfing with details of private mode on Internet Explorer. It works just as it works on different browsers. You can close that window after you complete the work and your history will be deleted with other details automatically after you close it.

Opera Browser : This browser is not that popular. But I love this browser because of few special features. This browser have also private mode feature. But this browser has given this feature with quite unique way. With this browser we can get whole separate window for private browsing. And we can also have only one tab with private browsing mode with other normal tabs. So we can use them as per our need. From the menu of this browser, we can get whole private window or just private tab for our private surfing session. To close it, we just need to close that window or tab and all details will be erase just after closing it.

So this is it. I have explained whole detail related to private browsing and also how it works on different browsers. Private browsing mode is special features and quite useful for those who need to hide their internet work from other people. It is quite good as per safety and security purpose too. Hope you like this information.


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