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Tips to keep obesity under control

June 25, 2012  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 633

In this article I will give tips to control weight without dieting. There are many tricks that can help a person maintain a constant weight and stay confident socially. Concentrating on small things often give big results. Positive thought and motivation are the key to successful weight loss.


1. Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Increase physical activity. Habituate yourself with early morning walks and yoga. Start with exercises once or twice a week and continue to daily aerobic workouts.

2. Stick to green steamed, grilled or boiled food. Loads of water intake, plenty of juice will keep you hydrated and nourished. Fiber rich diet, balanced protein and carbohydrate in the menu will keep you fit and healthy.

3. Milk (skimmed) is a complete food, it should be taken before bed time without fail. It is suitable for all age group. It makes a good breakfast when taken with cornflakes.

4. A good sleep on a regular basis not only keeps you fresh but takes away tiredness and extra fat in an easy way. People deprived of sleep tend to gain more weight.

5. Beware if you have a sweet tooth. Do keep away from sweets, deserts, chocolates, soft drinks, ice creams, etc. Take drinks that are more natural like coconut water, butter milk and home made lemonade.

6. When you are in a party, try to take in food that is low in calorie than to go for food by taste or aroma. Avoid fried, fatty fast food. High calorie food is tempting but not healthy.

7. Learn to handle friends and manage situations that encourage you to overeat. Become aware of your health and goodness.

8. Always try to have company of someone at home when you are about to have lunch. It is important to eat slowly and talk more. This will slow down your eating and help you to eat the appropriate amount.

9. Avoid visiting food shops or confectionaries. Do not hangout or spend time at areas which have additional sources of food.

10. Take moderate amount of meals from time to time and keep yourself engaged in other activities. Try to pre-plan your daily activity on a dairy. This will keep you busy, happy and healthy.

11. Use of more organic vegetables and fresh food should be preferred over packed or dried food. Having a kitchen garden is a good option.

12. Careful eating should be preferred over dieting. Dieting often results in physical weakness and other health complications. Overweight people are threatened with diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, infertility problems, cardiovascular disease and different types of cancers.

13. Set your weight loss goals on a monthly basis. On achieving your goal reward yourself. Do not forget to thank your friends and family who were your support. Celebrate it, if possible.

14. Concentrate on your goals, think positive and stay motivated. You can form a group of people interested in loosing weight, they can become your followers. You can help others as you continuously adhere to your fitness tricks.

15. Health check up once in 3 or 6 months should be a regular phenomenon of a healthy lifestyle.

Staying fit physically adds to a better psychological health of a person. Many a times over weight people have to face a difficult or embarrassing situation socially or at their work place. This type of discrimination makes them loose confidence. After loosing weight obese people generally feel psychologically more happy and physically more healthy and fit

Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 06/27/2012    Points:1    

Those tips are quite good, and surely can help to under control the obesity.. Good sharing.

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