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Make Your Thin and Stringy Hair look Voluminous

June 25, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 744

Here are some simple and time tested tips that will make your dull and lifeless hair look voluminous!


In today’s era where fashion and style are not just adjectives but the words that define the lifestyle of every individual, everyone wants to look nothing less than the best while in a formal party or a casual college outing. It’s all about presenting yourself. When the clothes and accessories have ditched you, it is time to give a look at the hair. Your hairstyle could affect the way you look a ‘big’ time. But, if you have naturally thin and stringy hair then you are really left with very less options to experiment with your locks. Moreover, the low volume of your hair would give a very lifeless and greasy look which could certainly be a huge disappointment to your overall appearance. However, you can get a hand on some quick tips and products which do not only mock fake promises but actually do work to provide that fine volume to your hair.

Hair washing tips
Though people generally tend to wash the hair on regular basis as they think it would keep the hair clean and presentable, avoid the practice if you have thin hair. Apply a dry shampoo as if would stick better to your roots, giving them a fuller look. Always choose a volumizer shampoo of reliable quality brand as they are exclusively designed for the thin hair and choose a lightweight conditioner only as the thick and heavy conditioners would end up making your strands look flatter. Be particularly carefully about one thing that you do not apply the conditioner in the roots.

Choose your hair cut
While you go for a haircut, make sure that your hair stylist keeps in mind the volume factor priory. You can either choose a chin length bob or a shoulder length cut with long layers that enclose your face. Though you might find it disappointing to cut of the dead strands as it would also decrease the length of your hair, it is certainly worth it all as the volume of your thin locks would look enhanced a big time.

Style your hair the right way

While you choose a hair styling product, it would be recommended to go for a mousse, gel or hairspray having ingredients like proteins (keratin and collagen), silicone polymers or polymeric quaternium compounds as they stick better to the strands and hence give them a thicker appearance. Besides, while using a hair dryer, make sure that blow dry it with your head upside down as that would make the hair look a bit fluffy than usual.

Since it has lately become all about the looks, skinny or thin structures as so not “in” trend. Everything from your body figure to the pair of jeans you choose, it is all skinny and have the perfect body shape. But hair being exceptional looks flamboyant when they have the flow and volume in them in order to make you look sensuously desirable. Just follow the above tips and choose the right products, you would certainly be able to have the perfect hair hiding other detail you do not want to show off, nobody would be able to take their eyes off you so get ready to flaunted hair that everyone would just adore and drool over.


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