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Deep Conditioning Treatment for Dry Hair

June 25, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 640

Using good deep conditioning treatment products can help to treat dry hair problem. The only true and genuine way to cure damaged hair is to cut it off and let new hair grow in.


Be it a male or a female…both are the natures creation and naturally dwelled possessions have always been appreciated. But the tragedy is this beauty of nature is a boon with which not everyone is awarded. How your body looks and how it attracts people towards you has always been the priority of many generations and is still an agenda to discuss on. To fulfill this desire of visual beauty and a sense of satisfaction to your conscience you try hard to look beautiful and flawless. There are many gears which put together the fact of beauty, the existence of beauty.

The most dominating part of your elevation are the hairs. It is something that sets the pulse racing. Gorgeous hairs are something every lady would die for. It makes the female attractive, striking and male handsome and fine-looking. As its charm makes you glad, the same way the lack of its aura slays you. This is a result of several problems that your hairs undergo daily. It’s just that the atmosphere is nowadays so artificial and hazardous, it is huge bunch of various chemicals in a fusion with oxygen and it deteriorates your body in all ways and the most affected are the hairs. And it ultimately results in hair drying which in turn leads to hair fall and unwanted breakage.

Dry Hair Problem

Experts and several hair specialists have been working and trying their level best to eradicate this problem, but it takes time and hard work both. Time is something harder to earn than money even, but where there is such a sensitive case when you are undergoing consistent hair fall due to dry hairs, then you must bother. The symptoms are very general, like when a comb gets stuck while you set your hairs, hair breakage while taking bath and during drying of hairs. All these are signs of the future darkness of your hairs, hence you must be alarmed by now and should be ready to take optimum measures.

The solution: Deep conditioning

“Deep conditioning of hairs is one such solution to complete over all development of your hairs; it nourishes your hairs and brings back its ambience. Although it does improve the gaze but one needs to be very cautious while deciding how he or she will carry on with this conditioning process. It may be carried out at both home or salon depends on the user’s comfort and trust. If your going out to a salon for the first time, then please it is not an experimenting work.

How to Do Deep Conditioning for Hair

At home you may do it as: use one of your regular conditioner once or twice a week. Apply enough of the conditioner to cover all of your hair and put on a shower cap for the last ten minutes of your shower (while you're washing your face or shaving). Then, let it work its deep conditioning magic. And voila … beautiful hair. Each strand of hair has 3 layers. Deep conditioning affects the outer layer which is called the cuticle. The cuticle resembles shingles on a roof. They overlap each other, and should lay down flat. When your hair becomes dry and damaged, these shingles will stand up away from the hair shaft. This is what gives hair the dull, frizzy look. Deep conditioning the proper way and with the right products will help to smooth the cuticle, making the shingles lay down again, giving your hair a smoother, shinier, healthier appearance.

The major role played by conditioners

Deep conditioners cannot heal damaged hair or improve the quality of new hair grown. It is valuable however, because it can minimize any damage done to your hair, it can restore shine and manageability to hair, and can add strength to hair until damaged hair grows long enough to be cut off. In other words, it is not a cure, but rather a preventative, to help protect the damaged hair from any further damage, until it gets to a length that you feel comfortable cutting it to. The only true and genuine way to cure damaged hair is to cut it off and let new hair grow in.

In a gist, what is highly recommended fact is that a far better and beneficial option is to do it at home, because as we can see it is not as such a complicated procedure and after all its about your most important entity…your hair.


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