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Colour Protection Hair Conditioners

June 25, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 623

Colored hair needs extra care and maintenance. Hair dyes and sprays can damage and dry your hair. Hence, use a good brand of colored hair conditioners to keep your hair healthy and soft.


Hair colouring is an adventurous ride for us and our hair. While it does transform the way we look, it is a nightmarish treatment we subject our hair to. The chemicals that our hair is treated with for hair colouring can damage our locks when proper care is not taken and suitable coloured hair maintenance products are not used. When you wash your coloured hair, the colour goes down the drain after leaving your hair stripped off the colouring chemicals and natural oils.

Colored hair can then look lifeless, become weak and rough, and under poor maintenance and exposure to UV rays can make the colour fade easily. You can't colour your hair every time it fades. So the best and most economical option is to maintain coloured hair’s vibrancy, shine and health. For this hair must be washed carefully to prevent the colour from washing away with water. One must use the right shampoos, and most importantly, the right conditioners for protecting coloured hair.

Why should you use colour protecting hair conditioners?

Hair experts everywhere suggest using hair conditioners to protect coloured hair. This is because conditioners ensure that the dye molecules stay on the hair shaft making the colour last longer and wash away less. Colour protecting hair conditioners also restore hair moisture and shine leaving your hair looking revitalised.

How to choose the best colour protecting hair conditioner?

The best colour protecting hair conditioner varies with different types of hair. There are a plethora of choice in the market, and before experimenting with your coloured hair, it would be wiser to consult a professional.

Properties of a good colour protecting hair conditioner are:

• UV protection filters: UV Rays damage all types of hair. Sun protection is a mandatory pre-requisite for a good hair conditioner. This helps the colour remain vibrant and hair shiny.

• Moisturizing ingredients: These components are required to keep the coloured hair soft and healthy. Moisturising ingredients include aloe vera gel, sun flower, green tea, rosemary, etc. Always check the ingredients of the conditioner before buying them.

• Revitalizing ingredients: Usually these are professional formula but also contain Vitamin A to rejuvenate the coloured hair after the chemical treatment.

Best colour protecting hair conditioners in the market:

Leading hair care brands sell colour protecting hair conditioners. Some are also organic hair conditioners. Following are three of the best known colour protecting hair conditioners:

• Avon Advance Techniques Color Protection Conditioner: This product claims to make the colour last six times longer and restores the moisture level, shine and brilliance of the hair. The 11.8 fl. oz bottle comes for $2.99. Users have reviewed them favourable on internet forums.

• Tressemme Colour Revitalise Fade Protection Conditioner: This product claims to make the colour last for over 40 washes. It contains rosemary, sunflower and green tea. It uses a lightweight that is just perfect for coloured hair.

• Matrix Biolage ColorCareTherapie Color Care Conditioner: This product is great for treated hair. It claims to be shine enhancing and lightweight conditioning type. Its claims include low pH with Orchid extracts and UV protection to keep the coloured hair soft and moisturised. It does not contain parabens or synthetic dyes.

Other brands include Pantene and Garnier that provide the same at lower costs.
Other things you should keep in mind to maintain your coloured hair is to wash is less often, get it trimmed regularly, protect it from the sun using physical barriers, avoid hot water showers, and use colour protecting shampoos.


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