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Who influences Young Adults more- Friends or Family?

June 25, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 2384

Family has strong influence on kids but as kids grow up and become teens/young adults, friends have a stronger influence in their lives. Young adults succumb to peer pressure, need to cope with bullies and give in to temptations in order to be popular and cool.


Parents have stronger influence on their kids. However, as kids grow up and become young adults, there is peer pressure and stronger influence of friends than the parents. As teens and young adults, the kids become rebellious and unruly at times.

Time with Friends

When they are very young, kids spend a lot of time with their parents. The parents help kids with schoolwork, assignments, shopping, travel and so on. Weekends and vacations are family time.

As kids become teenagers, there is more interaction with friends. In school, after school, during internships and summer jobs, teens spend more time with friends. They go on weekend vacations with friends and not with parents. Parties, shopping and travel are with friends. Thus, young adults will copy what their friends do.

Rebel against Parents

While they grow up, in the adoloscent phase, all kids rebel against their parents. It could be for driving, a new hairstyle, new kind of clothes or shoes or anything. Teens will hear what their friends do and try to copy the same. Being a rebel becomes cool. Teens will do anything to be popular as 'cool' in school.

Peer Pressure and Influence

Parents have less influence over their teenage kids. These days, with development in technology, social media has more influence on people's lives, including kids and teens. Young adults are constantly in touch with friends via internet, social media, phone texts and phone calls. Every single activity is updated on Twitter and Facebook. Even bullying has become an integral part of social media.

Teens take up smoking and drinking as an influence from their friends. Peer pressure forces teens to try smoking and alcohol.

Thus we see that the influence of family and parents becomes weaker as kids grow up. Kids spend most of their time with their friends and not with the family. Hence, it is but natural that friends become a stronger influence.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/28/2012    Points:5    

Our life is like drama stage according to the ages and times our scenes are changed. Usually the parents take case of their children and in the beginning of the childhood the children were passionately lover there parents and they always wanted to get love and case from parents but the situations changes when the child grown into a teenager. He or she wanted is more freedom than before and there trying to avoid parents love and care in that time the friends may influence them than there parents. And also they started to spoke to parents in a way of irrespective. This is the way that are found in every place. It is not the mistake of person it is natural.
A very good article and keep it up.
Author: contactknb        
Posted Date: 07/02/2012    Points:4    

hmmm it''s a never ending debate. But my opinion is till certain age parents has a great influence on their children. But when it comes to teenagers friends hold a great influence on them. This always sparks arguments between teenagers & parents. The most common dialogue can be heard is ''my friend is doing so & so..why can''t I?? you don''t love me. his/her parents love them more.'' So I think parents should increase interactions with their children to avoid further misunderstandings.

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