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Best Learning Methods- Reading, Listening or Practice

June 25, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 1075

What is the best learning method according to you? Is it reading, listening or doing things? I think we learn most efficiently with practical knowledge. We learn well when we participate or do things.


There are different approaches to learning. People learn in different ways. Some people like to learn by doing things. Other people learn well by reading various books. Some others learn by listening. Which of these methods are best for learning? The effectiveness differs from one person to the other.

In each case, the purpose is to transfer information or imbibe information. However, each method transfers information in various different ways. I feel that learning by practically doing things is the best way. When we actively participate in an activity, we retain the information well. For example, we may read about playing a musical instrument but we do not master it until we play the instrument.

Learning by practice or doing things helps to gain experience personally. Reading and listening seem to be passive forms of learning compared to practical learning. You can learn by listening to lectures or read books to gain knowledge. You may read or listen to learn new language but you become expert once you talk and practice.

Hence, I cannot imagine a better form of learning than practical learning. When we see and do things, we learn faster. It is easy to remember complicated recipes once you cook them.

When you read, you may need to do tremendous research to learn a topic. At times, you may come across difficult words. Thus, it may seem frustrating and slow, especially when there is a lot of research.

Listening to interesting news, debates, lectures, discussions or documentaries can be an easy way to learn. Moreover, in live sessions, you can interact and ask questions. Interactive way of learning is a good way to imbibe information. On the other hand, if the listener becomes bored, he or she may feel sleepy and thus, miss out on the lecture. Hence, I advocate doing things and learning with practical methods. When we do stuff, we remain alert and pay more attention.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 06/28/2012    Points:2    

You have presented your thoughts in an well organized way and yes I agree with you on the fact that learning by practice or through practical way is the best method as it helps one to gain enough expertise on any subject or field.
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 06/28/2012    Points:7    

Reading is a very good habit it will create an entertainment towards learning. Most of the students don''t like to study they are very lazy but i will pay that he we create studies as a game or an entertainment program them we would love to study. Reading is not only the way to learn but also he we learn about anything from practical them we will not forget it. Practical study is also help to get the creativity mind and self confidence. All the people like to hear interesting facts because it is like something which gives our mind happy. Gaining knowledge is by listening is very good share our knowledge with others and get the knowledge from them. It will create both listeners and speakers knowledge high. Most of the peoples likes to hear about world records and wonders of the world. It is a very good habit to learn things from others. Usually teachers share there knowledge with us and when we ask our doubts both the teacher and student is increasing there knowledge. Use your knowledge vex brilliantly.
Good article. Keep it up.
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 07/02/2012    Points:1    

Thanks a lot Ajay and Joseph for reading and appreciating the effort!!

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