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Google drive Application for Windows

June 26, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.40   Views: 607

Access Google drive from application more securely and faster. Know more about google drive app.


Google drive is another great Google drive product. They have launched it recently. Using it we can upload our files quite easily and faster. Plus it is from Google so it is surely safer. They have also launched the application for Google drive. With that using Google drive is quite easy. Google have also launched its application for Android and Iphone. We will see about them later, first let’s talk about Google Drive windows application and see how it works.

Like few other online storage Google have also provide desktop application for Google Drive. Using it we can upload our files more easily with our system file management system. With this application Google Drive will be quite easy in use. After the installation we will get the Google drive icon on our desktop and we can access Google drive and its feature from it. Let’s see about its installation process now.

Installation Process:

You can download the app for your computer from here (http://tools.google.com/dlpage/drive). (You need to login into your Google account for download).

This installation will work same as downloading Google Chrome. I mean the installing process will be done on online. It’s not like you can download setup and install it on different computers. For downloading it, you need to login into your account and then only you will able to download it.
After the installation you need to login into your Google account and then you can access it from Google folder appear in your desktop. Now let’s see how we can use it.

Using of application:

Using application of Google Drive, uploading files process will be much easier. You will get the experience like using some folder on your computer.

After the installation, you will able to see the Google Drive folder on your desktop and on your personal folder with My Pictures, My Videos and all that. You will able to see your uploaded files and folders on that folder. You can easily access those files like you are doing on some folder on your computer. If you want to upload any file, just copy past it on that folder and it will be uploaded automatically as it is synchronized with your account (For that you need to keep this app synchronized with your Google Account). Just see the below image, like this you will also able to see your uploaded file. And also when you copy paste some file, it will be upload directly by synchronizing your Google account. Just see the second icon/image which I have copy paste it on that folder. As it is still uploading it is having different icon at the bottom in compare of other files (which having correct mark as they are already uploaded).

Synchronizing different folders with Google Drive:

So usage is quite easy. If you want to make any changes like changing synchronizing folders, then you can do it from preferences. You can open this option from the right clicking the icon which is available near clock as shown in below image.

From the preference page you can make all the changes (mentioned above) and other changes like if you want to start Google Drive automatically or not. You can refer below image for this function.

So this is it. If anyone using Google Drive, then this application can be surely useful for them as it. It will make use of this drive easier and faster. No need to go to site and login daily. You can just use it from your desktop icon. You will also get icon near your clock on your desktop. You can do other settings for it by right clicking on it.

Hope this information will be helpful to you.


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