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Hidden themes in Windows 7

June 26, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 1064

Unlock hidden themes and their wallpapers on your windows 7. Cool trick.


Windows 7 is having few hidden things. As per installation it serves you few files and hides few files. I mean during installation we choose country and language settings and as per that windows 7 serves your themes and music files. Now let’s see how we can unlock those hidden themes on windows 7.
Suppose you have chosen English US language during the installation then you will get United States theme in your theme section on your windows 7. This theme is carrying some cool United States pictures which are rotating automatically as per time settings. But a window 7 is also having some hidden themes for other country which will be only available if we choose another country. I mean as per selection during installation of windows 7, system will give you themes. Now to unlock all other themes on your system you need to follow the below instructions.

Trick to Unlock Themes:


This is the main thing to unlock this hidden stuff. Just copy this path and paste it on my computer address bar. By pressing enter you will be redirected to this path directly. At this folder you will see 5 different folders for 5 different themes. The names of these folders are MCT-AU, MCT-CA, MCT-GB, MCT-US and MCT-ZA.

These folders are carrying those hidden themes for different country.

MCT-AU means it is carrying theme of Australia
MCT-CA means it is carrying theme of For Canada
MCT-GB means it is carrying theme of For United Kingdom
MCT-US means it is carrying theme of For United States
MCT-ZA means it is carrying theme of For South Africa

Here are full names of those folders extension. Now let’s see how to install those themes.

How to install?

Now to install theme you need to open those folder. I mean suppose you want to install theme of Australia, then open MCT-AU folder. Here you will see one folder named Theme. Just open it. You will see an application (.exe file) in it. You just need to double click this application. It will install that theme in your theme section automatically and instantly. You can follow the same procedure for all themes. By this way you can install all of them. This procedure will install all the themes with their different wallpapers as per country in it. Just remember that one of theme is already in your theme section, so you can avoid it as no need to install it again.

All installed themes will be available in Personalize window and in my themes section. You can reach to personalize section by right clicking on desktop and selecting Personalize. You will able to see those themes like below image.

So this is it. By this way you can unlock those hidden themes in your windows 7. This will also give you different cool looking wallpapers related to those themes. I really like those wallpapers. Hope you will enjoy this trick too. Go for it and unlock the hidden stuffs in your windows 7.

Hope you liked the information. Share it with your friends and I am sure they are going to love it.


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