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Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks for windows 7

June 26, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Hardware  Earning $0.50   Views: 1121

Interesting shortcuts and tricks of keyboard for certain work on Windows 7.


Keyboard shortcuts are always important. They always reduce your work and you can do some certain computer task faster. Many people always used to use such shortcuts for their daily computer use and they are quite useful too. I have found some great and useful keyboard shortcuts for windows 7 which can really help you for certain work. Let’s see which they are.

Shortcut to open taskbar applications (Windows key + Numbers)
This is quite effective trick. We are having applications on taskbar at the bottom near start menu option. Now we can open those applications with this shortcut quite easily. We just need to press windows key and the number of application available after the start menu.

I mean if we having Internet Explorer just after the start menu then we can open the Internet Explore just by pressing windows key + 1. Suppose the windows media player available on the 3rd number then we can open it by pressing windows key + 3. It is quite easy. Just try it, with this you will able to open all those taskbar applications using keyboard quite easily and fast.

Show or Hide Desktop
Sometimes people need to go on their desktop screen in between the work. For that thing they have to minimize or close all the applications or folders to reach to desktop. But with this shortcut key you can jump to desktop directly.

Windows Key + D

This will take you to desktop screen directly. By pressing it again, it will take you to the application or page on which you are working.

Minimize all the windows except the active one
With this trick you will able to minimize all screens (applications and folders) except the one on which you are active.

Windows Key + Home

With above shortcut all other screen will be minimized as I explained above, and by pressing it again it will open all those screen again like before.

Minimize or Maximize Screen
With this trick you will able to minimize or maximize your application window.

Windows Key + Up Arrow / Down Arrow

When you will press windows key with down arrow it will minimize your window by making it half. By pressing windows key with up arrow it will maximize it again. By pressing windows key with down arrow two straight times, it will minimize your screen completely.

Hold the 3d swapping window
Many of you might know that by pressing windows key with tab button we can swap the windows in cool 3d mode. But you need to keep pressing the tab to reach to your destination page and by releasing those buttons you will back to the normal screen. But with this keyboard shortcut you will able to hold that 3d screen and can choose your pages with those arrow buttons.

Windows Key + Ctrl + Tab

Just release those buttons after pressing them. Now you will found that 3d mode on hold and you can select the screen just by those arrow buttons. After selecting the screen you can press Enter to enter that particular screen.

Holding the normal swapping window
Above I explained about 3d swapping mode. This is similar but it is for the normal swapping window. For normal swapping we used to press alt + tab. But similarly pressing them with ctrl button can hold the swapping window.

Alt + Ctrl + Tab

With this you will able to hold the swapping window and select any window by those arrow keys.

Get focus on taskbar Applications
We are having many applications on taskbar. To get focus on them you need this shortcut.

Windows Key + T

With this you will notice the focus on first application of the taskbar. You can now change focus to next taskbar application by pressing those arrow keys. To open any application you just need simple Enter.

Lock Your Screen
In any emergency case you can lock your operating system instantly. No need to log off from the start menu.

Windows Key + L

Just press the windows key and L button, and it will lock your screen (if you have set password) instantly. If you haven’t set password for your windows yet, it will take you to logoff screen.

So this is it. These are really helpful shortcuts which can make our daily computer work faster for sure. I like them all so thought about sharing them with my viewers. Hope you found them helpful too.


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