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How to stop people from taking advantage of you

June 26, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 732

People are often fooled or misguided by frauds. Online cheating is the latest trend. It is better to be wiser than becoming a prey to tricksters.


Man lives in a society where relationships matter most . Human values like giving, caring, sharing, unselfishness and love are necessary but such values should not be overly expressed because some people may take advantage of it. In the race to get rich, many people forget ‘their’ human values and use others for their selfish ends. People are of many types. Some may be clever and smart while some may be too innocent for their own good. The innocent ones are those who are taken advantage of most of the time. It is possible to ward of such people if precautions are taken.

The first step is to realize that all people are not as innocent and honest as they seem. Many of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. If a person, be it a familiar person or a stranger approaches you for a favor then evaluate that person before conceding. A person’s actual intentions are usually revealed through the eyes . An honest person will look straight in the other person’s eyes. He or she will never beat about the bush. A dishonest person will talk excessively and also use praise as a tool to fool the others. It is better to stay away from such people.

Women are the ones who are easily misguided . It should be remembered that a stranger should never be trusted. It is also not good to give away cash or valuable ornaments before consulting a close friend or relative. People who try to take advantage of others will try every trick to fool others. Such persons can be dealt with by refusing to listen to their false stories and walking away. It is better to be considered inhumane than be fooled. Many thefts and crimes occur because people get fooled by outward expression and attire.

When a person approaches you for a favor, evaluate their intentions mentally. If something smells fishy, then turn the plate and act as if you are in greater need. A dishonest person will walk away immediately or change the subject.
Never reveal confidential information to anyone including casual friends or distant relatives. Bragging also invites trouble. It is better to prevent such situations than be sorry about it later. Trusting anybody and everybody is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Take into consideration a person’s character history before helping and only do it if it is within your reach. Incurring debts for helping others is a foolish act.

Kindness is a virtue but it should not be shown to those who do not deserve it. Hard hearted people do live in this world and they use every means to turn situations to their favor. Abuse should not be tolerated in any circumstance. If you give in to abuse, you will be used each time. No one is above the other in any way and no one has the right to ill-treat others.

People who take advantage of others should be dealt with severely so that they reform themselves or are punished. A little courage and self confidence is all that is necessary to stand up to oneself and face unpleasant people or situations. It is better to die a hero than live the life of a coward.

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