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Effects of watching television

June 26, 2012  by: Hakimuddin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 1474

Watching television is a common problem of new generation. In this article I am providing the good effects and bad effects of watching television.


Today’s generation spend most of the time in front of television. They always try to watch T.V. and sometimes they watch same show again and again. Is watching television really harmful form children? I am a teacher and have been teaching students for 15 years. There are some positive and some negative effects of watching television. In this article I am going to present both types of effects of watching television.

Good Effects of Watching Television

Watching television are not so harmful as parents think. Watching television has many positive effects. Some good reasons of watching television are:
1. Everyone accepts that new generation is very smart. Who makes them smart? Certainly, you can not forget the importance of television. When a child watches television he learns many new things which make him smarter. So, the first effect of watching television is that it has made our generation smarter.
2. Television is the great source of entertainment. If you watch television you relax better. Like wise, your children also need entertainment. Our children do not have time to play and enjoy life like us. There are Burdon of education. So, try to make them relax by watching television. But, remember observe him and fix a time to watch television and programs.
3. Cartoon programs are watched by children and I have observed that these type of programs have moral lesson at the end. So, indirectly your children are learning moral education by watching television.
4. If you enjoy dish T.V. or Satellite T.V. then there are many good educational programs which are broadcasted by these companies. So, watching television would help you students to study in a better way.
5. It provides us many live games, news of the world, current affairs etc.

Bad effects of watching television

I have mentioned some positive effects of watching television but there are some negative ones also. Some negative effects of watching television are:
1. When children watch television they always try to see from very near the television. It would affect its health. Health problem is the most common problem of watching television.
2. When children watch television they do not want to do daily work which are necessary like bathing, eating, home work etc. They always try to watch television as much as possible.
3. As I have mentioned children do not want to eat any thing and be habitual. So, low appetite is also caused by watching television.
4. Watching television causes eye problems specially in children.
5. Some violent programs are broadcasted on television . When children watch these types of program it is possible that they would follow the steps which are shown in programs.
6. Some characters of programs are so popular in children that they try to follow the hero of that program and it would be life threatened. Some cases have been filed that children have lost their life by copying the activities of Shaktiman, Spiderman etc.

Tips to watch television

1. Watch television from certain distance.
2. Make a time table for your children and give sometime for watching television. One hour is enough for children to watch television.
3. Try to avoid watching repeated programs.
4. When your children are watching cartoon program, give them work sheets to complete in between advertisement.

Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 07/11/2012    Points:5    

Everything has two side a good side and a bad side it is by natural but it is our responsibility to choose which of this among to choose. Seeing television is not a bad thing because is help us to know different things that are happening in all over the world it is very good especially for students but misusing television by seeing movies and other time wasting program is not good. Television will give anyone entertainment it is very essential for everyone but over using it will cause more problem to us. Limit the use of television is necessary. So many dye problems may also occur through television by its visual. So be safe ourself is needed. Very good article and nice information.

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