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About Preview Pane

June 27, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.35   Views: 1300

See your files without opening them in windows 7 with help of Preview Pane.


Windows 7 is having nice option as Preview Pane. Using it we can have the preview of different files much more easily. We can read the document files using it without opening them. Isn’t it great? Let’s know more about it.

Preview Pane is like the mini viewer using which we can see the files content without opening them. Just need to select it and its view will be available in that Preview Pane. The position of the Preview pane is at the right side of any folder, drive and in My Computer. You can view text files, documents, music files, video files and lot more using Preview Pane.

How to open Preview Pane?

Just open My Computer. At the top right corner you will see little icon below the closing and minimize buttons as shown in image. Just click on that icon and your Preview Pane will be open at the right corner of the window. You can adjust width of preview pane by dragging its border left and right with mouse pointer.

How it works?

After opening Preview Pane, now let’s see about how it works. Now just select the files like document file, music file and video file. And you will able to see the preview of that file at the Preview Pan. No need to open it.

Image : By selecting any image you will able to have the preview of that image at the Preview Pane. No need to open it. Just as shown in below image you can have the view of any image.

Video and Music : By selecting any video or music file you will get the option of playing that video or music at the Preview pane in the small screen. By playing that file from the Preview pane you can easily see that file, as shown in below image. You must choose windows media player as default player, only then you will able to play them on preview pane.

Document : By selecting any document file you will able to read that document directly in that Preview Pane. No need to open it, just as shown in below image. Just select the document and its text will be available in the preview pane. With this you can view notepad file, word file and also Microsoft office word file using this preview pane.

What is the benefit of Preview Pane?

It can be useful to find out the particular file from the bulk of files. Suppose you having bulk of documents or bulk of videos, preview pan can help you to view those files within it quite easily. So no need to open any files, we can find the particular file more easily and speedily.

So this is it. I am sure this option can be helpful to us in many ways. Open your files without opening them using preview pane. It is quite good feature of windows 7, but I have noticed that many users are not using them. So start using it from now it will be helpful to you. I hope you like this information. Thanks for the reading.


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