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Different Causes of Chest Pain

June 27, 2012  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 8   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 462

Chest pain is not always due to heart disease. It has so many other causes also. It is symptom of various other diseases. It can be caused due to various different reasons.


Chest pain is not always due to heart disease. It has so many other causes also. It is symptom of various other diseases. It can be caused due to various different reasons.

The main different causes of chest pain are as follow-

1. Cardiac causes.

2. Aortic causes.

3. Oesophageal causes.

4. Musculoskeletal causes.

5. Intra-abdominal causes.

6. Anxiety.

1. Cardiac causes
- cardiac causes are one of the main causes of chest pain under which comes various cardiovascular diseases. The main cardiovascular diseases which cause chest pain are-

i) Angina pectoris.

ii) Pericarditis.

iii) Mitral valve prolapse.

iv) Myocardial infarction.

v) Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

2. Aortic causes - then comes the aortic causes under which comes the following diseases which are responsible for the chest pain or present chest pain as their main symptom-

i) Dissecting aneurysm of aorta.

ii) Pneumothorax.

iii) Pulmonary embolism.

iv) Pleurisy.

3. Oesophageal causes - of chest pain are reflex oesophagitis and diffuse oesophageal spasm.

4. Musculoskeletal pain or syndromes of musculoskeletal system can also sometimes can cause chest pain.

5. Intra-abdominal diseases - like acute pancreatitis, cholecystitis and peptic ulcer can cause chest pain.

6. Anxiety - anxiety is also the one of the main causes of chest pain in stressful environment and conditions.


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